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There is only one functioning Nepalese passenger railway in Nepal. This 59 km narrow gauge railway runs between Janakpur in Nepal and Jainagar in India close to the border between the two nations, and is of 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) gauge. The line continues to Bijalpura, but this section is currently redundant due to a damaged bridge. The capital, Kathmandu, has no railway connections at all. Several Indian Railways lines cross the border into Nepal and continue for short distances into the Nepalese plains. There is a joint Nepalese/Indian freight line connecting Raxaul (Indian/Nepalese border) and Sirsiya (Nepal). Currently Nepal Railway is running between Janakpur to Jaynagar (approx 29 km) only with 1 remaining diesel locomotive ZDM 524, out of 4 given as a gift by India to replace steam.

Existing railways[edit]

A train at Janakpur railway station.

The Nepal Railways Corporation operates the main narrow gauge passenger line within Nepal, and owns the currently redundant permanent way of this line's extension to Bijalpura. The line critically underfunded by Nepalese government, with low fares and struggling to pay the 150 remaining workers.

The freight line from Raxaul in India is a broad gauge installation, operated jointly by Nepal Railways Corporation and Indian Railways, and allowing container traffic to be imported to Nepal, through the Sirsiva dry port container depot.

Several very short railways reach Nepal from India, penetrating not much further than the adjacent plains, such as to Janakpurdham. They are generally narrow gauge. [1]

Proposed railways[edit]

Nepal likely to have help from India, in major upgrade to current railway with broad gauge of 1.6 M and it will extent up to Bardibas. They have done all the formalities for that. In 2008, serious proposals surfaced to build a link from Lhasa in Tibet, China to Nepal.


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