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There are five railway stations in the town of Coburg in Bavaria, southern Germany. These include: two passenger stations, two halts and two goods stations.

Railway lines to Coburg. Key:
Solid black: railways in use
Dotted black:closed railways
Dashed purple: high-speed line under construction

Coburg station[edit]

Coburg station is the most important railway station in the town of Coburg and its surrounding area. From here railway lines run to Bad Rodach, to Sonneberg, to Lichtenfels, Nuremberg and Kulmbach. From 2016, an ICE will call daily at Coburg, briefly leaving the nearby Nuremberg–Erfurt high-speed railway. The station has five tracks a "Service-Center" and several shops in the station building. All Franconia Bus Company (Omnibusverkehr Franken or OVF) lines stop at the station as do all but one of the town bus routes (SÜC). Since 2007 a central bus station has been under construction immediately next to Coburg station. Whilst the station is described simply as a Bahnhof by the railways, the local bus stops and bus timetables usually refer to it as the Hauptbahnhof.

Creidlitz station[edit]

Creidlitz station track plan
Creidlitz station with the line to Lichtenfels

Creidlitz station is located on the south side of the town of Coburg on the Werra Railway at kilometre stone 134.77 between Coburg station and the halt at Grub am Forst. Despite having two platforms and being described as a Bahnhof it is not particularly important nowadays, only the Regionalbahn trains to Coburg and those in the opposite direction to Lichtenfels stop here. The trains to Lichtenfels leave from the eastern 'home platform, number 1, and trains to Coburg from platform 2, an island platform with no subway. The red brick station building was built at the end of the 19th century. Due to its age, it is one of the most important station buildings in the Coburg district and is a listed building.[1] During the construction of the Itz Valley Railway to Rossach in 1900 the station, which is located between branching tracks, was built with two platforms in 1911; whene the second line to Coburg was built it was expanded by a further platform. On the eastern side are the two tracks of the Werra railway and on the western side, the Itzgrund railway track and a second, parallel, track for the goods shed. In 1950 the station, including the Rossach branch, was electrified. In 2004 the Rossach branch was closed. Because the section of line to Lichtenfels is single-tracked, trains often cross at the station. In 2008 the station still had semaphore signals and manually operated level crossing barriers. Next to the station is a bus stop with the same name - Creidlitz/Bahnhof - which is served by one of the town bus lines as well as busses of the OVF.

Coburg-Nord halt[edit]

Coburg-Nord halt lies on the Coburg–Sonneberg line between Coburg station and the halt at Dörfles-Esbach at kilometre stone 1.3. It was built in the trackbed of the old line to Eisfeld and taken into operation on 11 December 2005 together with Rödental-Mitte station. The platform is 140 m long and is located behind the Coburg tax office on Rodacher Strasse.

Coburg-Neuses halt[edit]

Coburg-Neuses halt is situated between Coburg station and Wiesenfeld halt at kilometre marker 1.99. The halt was originally a station, but was later downgraded to a halt. The Coburg–Bad Rodach Regionalbahn trains call here every 2 hours. The stop has two tracks, the main running track by the platform and the siding with a branch to the incinerating plant. The station is rather insignificant because there are very good bus connexions to Neuses. Since 1999 the station building has been home to the Steinach Valley Railway Society (Eisenbahnfreunde Steinachtalbahn-Coburg).

Coburg-Beiersdorf halt[edit]

Many years ago there was also a halt at Beiersdorf that was on the line to Bad Rodach. This was closed due to low passenger numbers and competition from good bus services in this part of the town.

Goods station[edit]

The goods station is south of Coburg station at kilometre post 131.8 on the Werra railway.

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