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This article is about the railway station in Suffolk, England. For other stations of this name, see Newmarket railway station (disambiguation).
Newmarket National Rail
"New Station" building, now offices
Place Newmarket
Local authority Forest Heath
Coordinates 52°14′18″N 0°24′26″E / 52.2383°N 0.4073°E / 52.2383; 0.4073Coordinates: 52°14′18″N 0°24′26″E / 52.2383°N 0.4073°E / 52.2383; 0.4073
Grid reference TL 643 627
Station code NMK
Managed by Abellio Greater Anglia
Owned by Network Rail
Number of platforms 1
Live arrivals/departures, station information and onward connections
from National Rail Enquiries
Annual rail passenger usage*
2004/05   88,721
2005/06 Increase 104,978
2006/07 Increase 124,117
2007/08 Increase 148,515
2008/09 Increase 164,548
2009/10 Increase 165,592
2010/11 Increase 197,924
2011/12 Increase 232,374
2012/13 Increase 268,696
2013/14 Increase 285,062
Original company Newmarket and Chesterford Railway
Pre-grouping Great Eastern Railway
Post-grouping London and North Eastern Railway
National RailUK railway stations
* Annual estimated passenger usage based on sales of tickets in stated financial year(s) which end or originate at Newmarket from Office of Rail Regulation statistics. Methodology may vary year on year.
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Newmarket railway station serves the town of Newmarket. All trains serving it are operated by Abellio Greater Anglia. The first railway station in Newmarket opened in 1848 as the terminus of the by the Newmarket and Chesterford Railway. A second station opened along with the final section of the Ipswich to Ely Line in 1879. Newmarket Warren Hill station, built by the Great Eastern Railway, opened 6 years later, which was followed by the only remaining station which was completed in 1902.


Newmarket (1848 station)[edit]

The original Newmarket Station (52°14′35″N 0°24′52″E / 52.2430°N 0.4145°E / 52.2430; 0.4145 (Newmarket railway station (1848))) was built by the Newmarket and Chesterford Railway on 4 April 1848 as a single platform terminus for the 15-mile (24 km) line from Great Chesterford. The line was extended by the Eastern Counties Railwayeastwards to Bury St Edmunds on 1 April 1854, but trains had to reverse in or out of the station.[1]

An alternative station was opened in 1879 for general traffic. the original station was used for race day traffic until at least 1954 and for goods in 1967. The buildings were demolished in 1980.[1] The station can be seen in this clip.[2]

Newmarket (1879 station)[edit]

When the line to Ely opened on 1 September 1879 a new island platform was opened and the two platforms were joined by a footbridge. The original terminus station remained in use for freight, while the through station (52°14′36″N 0°24′55″E / 52.2432°N 0.4154°E / 52.2432; 0.4154 (Newmarket railway station (1879))) was open until it was replaced in 1902 by a new station to the south. It was just south of Warren Hill tunnel. The former terminus became known as Newmarket (High Level).[1]

Newmarket Warren Hill[edit]

Newmarket Warren Hill station (52°15′09″N 0°25′07″E / 52.2524°N 0.4187°E / 52.2524; 0.4187 (Newmarket Warren Hill railway station)) was built by the Great Eastern Railway. It opened on 4 April 1885 just to the north of Warren Hill Tunnel[1] and catered for racecourse-goers arriving from points north, particularly Lincoln, Leeds and Manchester, with the encouragement of the Jockey Club.[3] Warren Hill was closed by the London and North Eastern Railway some time in or after 1945[1] but before 1 January 1948, when British Railways was formed.

Newmarket (1902 station)[edit]

The surviving station was opened by the Great Eastern Railway on 7 April 1902. It is 800 yards (730 m) south of the site of the original Newmarket station. The station, and all trains serving it, are operated by Abellio Greater Anglia.[1]

The station buildings at the "New Station" (52°14′16″N 0°24′21″E / 52.2377°N 0.4059°E / 52.2377; 0.4059 (Newmarket railway station (1902))) were sold, and the current station is just a short platform with simple shelters.

Train services[edit]

The following services currently call at Newmarket:

Operator Route Material Frequency
Abellio Greater Anglia Cambridge - Dullingham - Newmarket - Kennett - Bury St Edmunds - Thurston - Elmswell - Stowmarket - Needham Market - Ipswich Class 170 1x per hour
Preceding station National Rail National Rail Following station
Abellio Greater Anglia


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