Railway stations in Nigeria

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Railway stations in Nigeria include:


Cities served by rail[edit]

The East (E) and West (W) lines are connected.

West Line[edit]

Link line[edit]

  • Kaduna (W) - junction for East Line cross country
  • Idon (WE)
  • Kafanchan (E) - junction to West Line cross country

Central Line 1435mm[edit]

This line is isolated from the East and West lines.

East Line[edit]

  • Yenagoa (E) - the Bayelsa state capital since c1996

  • Agbadi - (E) - river crossing


Under Construction[edit]

  • (Standard gauge) [11]
  • Kaduna (W) junction for Abuja [12] (plan B)
  • Minna (W) junction for Abuja (plan A)
    • Abuja (W) - national capital - September, 2009 [13][14] In August 2012, the new standard gauge line between Kaduna and Abuja was 35% complete.


To Niger[edit]

Nigerian Southern[edit]


A metro line is proposed for the MegaCity of Lagos.[18]


  • (regauged about 1927 when 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) eastern main line reached Kuru)

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