Railways of Jamaica: Linstead to New Works

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Linstead to New Works
0.0 Linstead
0.3 Rio Magno Gully~75m
Linstead Junction
Mainline from Spanish Town continues to Ewarton
Various unknown infrastructure
on a very gently rising gradient
4.8 New Works

The Linstead to New Works branch was a mere three miles of standard gauge track constructed in 1921 to serve a citrus growing region to the north east of Linstead.[1]

Beyond this, very little is known about it. There is no trace of it on satellite images (see Linstead to New Works at WikiMapia) suggesting it was closed significantly earlier than Jamaica's other lines.

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Linstead is at 400 feet[2] while New Works is close below the 500 foot contour,[3] so the line must have risen around 79 feet in its three miles for an average gradient of 1 in 200 or thereabouts.

Stations and Halts[edit]

There must have been at least 2 stations on the line:[3]


There were no tunnels on the line.[3]


There were probably no significant bridges on the line as its junction with the Spanish Town to Ewarton line would have been north of the Rio Magno Gully Bridge[4] (~75m)[5] and there are no other significant water courses between Linstead and New Works.[3]

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Notes and references[edit]

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