Railways of Jamaica: Spanish Town to Ewarton

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Spanish Town to Ewarton
0.0 Spanish Town Station
Parochial motorable road (gated)
Mainline from Kingston continues to Montego Bay
A2 road (gated)
100' contour
Unclassified road (gated)
Unclassified road (gated)
1.2 St. John’s Road Halt
Irrigation Canal~? m
4.8 Angels Halt
Parochial motorable road (gated)Angels
  1. 1~100 m
9.5 Crescent Halt
Viaduct~70 m
  1. 2~160 m
  1. 3~110 m
  1. 4~665 m
Thomas River~15 m
Unclassified road (gated)
14.1 Bog Walk Station
Rio Cobre~40 m
14.5 JunctionPort Antonio branch
250' contour
Parochial motorable road (ungated)
Parochial motorable road (ungated)
A1 road (gated)
16.5 Michleton Halt
Viaduct over Parochial motorable road
Parochial motorable road (ungated)
19.3 Linstead Station
Rio Magno Gully~85 m
JunctionNew Works branch
B13 road
A1 road
A1 road
Byndloss Gully~20 m
22.1 Sterling Castle Halt
Parochial motorable road
Unnamed Gully~40 m
500' contour
23.7 JunctionEwarton Works branch
750' contour
27.8 Ewarton Terminus

The Spanish Town to Ewarton line was built to serve the citrus growing regions in the interior of Saint Catherine, particularly those around the towns of Bog Walk, Linstead and Ewarton.[1]


The 14 miles (23 km) of 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) (standard gauge) track from Spanish Town to Ewarton were completed in 1885 at a cost of approximately £93,000.[1]

The section from Linstead to Ewarton was closed in 1947.[2] It was later reopened as far as the Bauxite processing plant just east of Ewarton.

The rest of the line closed to passengers in 1992 but it remains open for Bauxite traffic.[3]

The Spanish Town to Bog Walk section reopened briefly for passenger traffic in 2009/10 while the A1 road through Bog Walk Gorge was closed for major repair work.[4]


The line climbs 700 feet (213.4 m) in 14 miles (23 km) (average gradient 1 in 106 or 0.0094%) from Spanish Town station (just under 100 feet or 30.5 metres[5]) to its summit at Ewarton (800 feet[6]).

Stations and Halts[edit]

There were 4 stations and 5 halts on the line:[3][5]

  • Spanish Town Station (Branch Terminus)
  • St. John’s Road Halt
  • Angels Halt
  • Crescent Halt
  • Bog Walk Station
  • Michleton Halt
  • Linstead Station
  • Sterling Castle Halt
  • Ewarton Station] (Terminus)


There are 4 tunnels,[5] from south to north:

  • Number 1 ~100 m
  • Number 2 ~160 m
  • Number 3 ~110 m
  • Number 4 ~665 m


There are 7 significant bridges on the line:

  • Viaduct ~70 m
  • Thomas River ~15 m
  • Rio Cobre ~40 m
  • Viaduct (not visible in satellite imagery)
  • Rio Magno Gully ~85 m
  • Byndloss Gully ~20 m
  • Unnamed Gully ~40 m

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