Rain of a Thousand Flames

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Rain of a Thousand Flames
Studio album by Rhapsody
Released November 13, 2001
Recorded Gate Studio, Wolfsburg, Germany
Genre Symphonic metal, power metal
Length 41:56
Label Limb Music
Producer Sascha Paeth and Miro
Rhapsody chronology
Dawn of Victory
Rain of a Thousand Flames
Power of the Dragonflame
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars [1]

Rain of a Thousand Flames is the fourth studio album released by Rhapsody in 2001. It tells a part of the Emerald Sword Saga, but it is a parallel episode that is not essential to the story, taking place shortly after Dawn of Victory. While the Warrior of Ice is away, Akron uses the newly acquired Emerald Sword to ravage the land. The album was released at a reduced price and is considered a stop gap between the band's main releases.

Track listing[edit]

All songs, vocal lines and classical interludes composed by Luca Turilli and Alex Staropoli. All lyrics written by Luca Turilli. Orchestral arrangements by Alex Staropoli

No. Title Length
1. "Rain of a Thousand Flames"   3:43
2. "Deadly Omen"   1:48
3. "Queen of the Dark Horizon"   13:42
4. "Rhymes of a Tragic Poem - The Gothic Saga: Tears of a Dying Angel"   6:22
5. "Rhymes of a Tragic Poem - The Gothic Saga: Elnor's Magic Valley"   1:40
6. "Rhymes of a Tragic Poem - The Gothic Saga: The Poem's Evil Page"   4:04
7. "Rhymes of a Tragic Poem - The Gothic Saga: The Wizard's Last Rhymes"   10:37


Choir vocals performed by Olaf Hayer, Oliver Hartmann and Tobias Sammet.
"Queen of the Dark Horizons" is based on the main theme of the horror picture Phenomena, by the Italian 70's prog rock band Goblin.
Tracks 4-7 together form Rhymes of a Tragic Poem - The Gothic Saga.
"Elnor's Magic Valley" is based on an Irish traditional music called Cooley's Reel
"The Wizard's Last Rhymes" is based on the New World Symphony composed by Antonín Dvořák.


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