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Ethnicity Baloch
Language Brahui and Balochi
Religion Muslim

Raisani (Balochi: بلوچ) is a Baloch tribe in Balochistan. The Ancestor of the Raisani tribe, Mir Rais Qutabuddin, Migrated from Aleppo /Halab Along with other Baloch Tribes According to a saying Baloch tribes Migrated from Halab/Aleppo, Mir Rais Qutabuddin Migrated to Afghanistan. He settled for a limited time in Ziarat "Qawas" (Some historians believe that his tomb is located at Ziarat). Many Raisani live in Ziarat, speaking Pashto due to influence from their surroundings. Mir Rais Qutabuddin may have come to Chaapar in Kalat with his siblings. Now a Days Many Raisani Live In chinari Azad kashmir.

The leader of each tribe is called Sardar. The Raisani tribal chief is called the Chief of Sarawan. The present Chief of Sarawan and Nawab of Raisani Tribe is Nawab Muhammad Aslam Khan Raisani. The Raisanis live in Mastung, Bolan, Sibi, Ziarat, Mitrhi. The principal sections into which the tribe is divided are the Ráhusainzai, Rustamzai, Sirajzai and Sahizai.


Mir Rais Qutabuddin (Arabic for ruler) had four sons, Ráhusain, Rustam, Siraj and Siáhi. Ráhusain was elder son of Rais. Leadership shifted into Sirajzai. A catastrophic battle took place between the descendants of the same mother, "Rahusainzai and Rustamzai". This caused the death of majority descendants of Rahusainzai under the leadership of Sardar Mir Baloch Khan Rahusainzai.


The Raisani appear to have been in the country before the Brahui Speaking Baloch rose to power in the 17th century. According to tradition they assisted the latter in conjunction with Dehwar Baloch to conquer Kalat from the Mirwani Baloch. The tribe appears first to have acquired land in Mungachar and Chappar and were afterward granted revenue-free grants in Kanak and Dulái, by their close conjunction with the latter.

Now a Days Many Raisani Live In chinari. Azad kashmir


  • Rahusainzai
  • Rustamzai
  • Sirajzai
  • Siyahizai

These are the genuine descendants of Rais. Rais had two wives. Rahusain and Rustam from same mother and the remaining two, Siaj and Siahi are descendants of another lady. The four ancestors of Rais divided further in many branches are described below:

  • Rahusainzai: Salarzai, Kiarazai, Qasarkhanzai
  • Rustamzai: Hasilkhanzai (sardarkhyl), Akhtarzai, Isubkhanzai.
  • Sirajzai: Lashkarizai" Mulla Mohamadzai – Nawab family", Qalanderzai, Shoranzai, Sulamalzai, Jamalzai, Bolozai, Zangizai, Birhamzai. The merged branches from other tribes are Myrhani, Pandrani, Lahraki and Essadri.
  • Siaizai: The Siahizai is one of the major subtribes of Raisani who migrated towards (Wahir) Wad, Khuzdar due to unknown dispute with his clan Sirajzai. The Khan of Kalat had given them lands for supporting him as head of state.