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Krishnchandra (1710-1783) was a king of Krishnagar, Nadia, West Bengal, India. His father was Raghuram Roy. Krishnachandra Roy was proficient in Bengali, Sanskrit and Persian.


Krishnachandra was a patron of literature. Bharatchandra Ray, one of the famous poets of the 18th century, was his court poet. Gopal Bhar was a legendary jester in his court. The Royal family of Nadia descends from Bhattanarayan (Rarheya Brahmin of Sandilya gotra).During the reign of new Mughal Emperor at Agra , Nur-ud-din Muhammad Jehangir Padshash Gazi, Bhavananda Bandyopadhyay acquired the title of (Raja- Roy- Majumdar) and vast jagirdari spread across fourteen parganas. Bhavananda Majumdar went on to find the Nadia Raj, which would reach great heights during the regime of Maharaja Krishnachandra Ray in the mid-eighteenth century, the most illustrious ruler of this family.

Public welfare[edit]

Krishnachandra was also known for his many public welfare activities. In 1762 he established a large Shiv temple at Shivnibash. He was the first to introduce Jagaddhatri Puja in Bengal. It was at his initiative and encouragement that some reputed potters from Natore moved to Krishnanagar.

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