Raja Pratap Singh

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Raja Pratap Singh

Founder King of Barauli State
Succeeded by Rao Ran ju
Personal details
Children Rao Ran ju, Rao BasantPal, Rao Jatu ji, Rao Hathi Shah & Rao Budhan Dev

Raja Pratap Singh (Hindi: राव प्रताप सिंह) was the founder King of Barauli State, in the Aligarh District, who was Prithviraj Chauhan's nephew and assisted in his fight against the Muslim invaders, who were led by Muhammad of Ghor in 1191. They also fought on the side of Rana Pratap of Mewar and Maharana Hammir as their generals.

His Life[edit]

He join Chauhan army in Mahoba campion on his return settled in Pahasu in the centre of his newly acquired estate, where he rapidly acquired great power.[1]

Established Barauli state[edit]

Raja Pratap Singh married the daughter of Raja Dor and populated the town of Barauli in Samvat 1122 (1065 AD) when there were 1656 villages attached to Barauli State.[2] The daughter of the ror Raja of Koil, with whom he received 150 villages as dowry.[3]

Bajgarhi's Ancestors[edit]

The Bajgarhi's descended from Raja Bharat of the Solar dynasty which reigned over Ajudhia in ancient times. Raja Nityapal, a remote ancestor of the family, left Ajudhia and took possession of Kathiawar in Gujarat but Raja Sadasen had, after some time, to leave Kathiawar and migrate to Benares where he founded a principality of his own and he and his descendants ruled over the territory for several centuries. They were called Kathariya Rajputs as they had come from Kathiawar. During the Mahomedan period the family, owing to special deeds of loyalty, obtained from the Kings several jagirs and other privileges some of which are still enjoyed by the members. The village Madhkar was granted to Rajas Bhawani Singh and Harhar Singh by Shah Alam Ghazi.Raja Pirthi Singh, brother of Rao Raghuraj Singh(Barauli's ruler Rao Karan Singh's maternal grand son) still lives at this village. Anupshahr, which was founded by Raja Anup Rai "Anup Singh Bargujar", was relative of Raja Pratap Singh Bargujar.

Rao Title[edit]

The title of Rao comes from the time of Raja Pirthi Raj and is prefixed to the name of the eldest son. The title formed part of Rao Raj Raghuraj Singh's name as a courtesy, vide local Government order of 1908. In January, 1913, this title was made hereditary.[2]

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