Pratap Singh, Raja of Satara

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Pratap Singh
Chhattapati of Maratha Empire
Pratap Singh of Satara.png
Pratap Singh
Reign 1808 - 1839
House Bhonsle
Father Shahu II
Mother Girjabai Raje Bhonsle
Born 18 January 1793
Ajinkyatara Fort, Satara
Died 14 October 1847
Religion Hinduism

Pratap Singh (18 January 1793 - 14 October 1847) was the Nominal Emperor of the Maratha Empire, Satara from 1808 to 1819 and Raja of Satara until 1839 when he was deposed by the British.[1]

Pratap Singh was the eldest son of Shahu II, whom he succeeded, and a descendant of Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha Empire.[1]

Pratap Singh was dethroned and stripped of his powers and personal possessions in 1839. He was exiled to Benares and granted an allowance for his maintenance.

He was succeeded by his brother, Appa Saheb, under the title Shreemunt Maharaj Shajee Raja Chuttraputtee of Satara. Appa Saheb then became known as Raja Shahaji.[1]


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Further reading[edit]

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Preceded by
Shahu II of Satara

Chhatrapati of the
Maratha Empire

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Preceded by
Shahu II of Satara
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