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Michael Richard Ratnarajan Hoole known as Rajan Hoole is a Tamil Human Rights activist and a co founder, along with the late Ranjani Thiranagama, of University Teachers for Human Rights, Jaffna branch, while affiliated to the Department of Mathematics, University of Jaffna. He is the eldest son of Rev. Richard Herbert Ratnathurai Hoole. Hoole was trained as a classical pianist.

Soon after the assassination of Rajini Thiranagama in 1989, Rajan Hoole along with Sritharan, another UTHR activist, fled Jaffna . Since then, for more than a decade, Hoole functioned in Colombo . In his book, The Arrogance of Power - Myth, Decadence and Murder, he compiled a catalogue of human rights violations by the Sinhalese politicians belonging to the UNP and SLFP as well as LTTE. While not living in Sri Lanka, Hoole continues to document human rights violations by different armed actors in Sri Lanka. In 2007, Hoole received the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders in 2007 along with Kopalasingham Sritharan. Currently, his place of residence is not known to many and he does not divulge his place of residence for fear of reprisals.

In 2004, Hoole was a finalist for the US-based Civil Courage Prize, which "honors civil courage — steadfast resistance to evil at great personal risk — rather than military valor".[1] He ultimately won a "Certificate of Distinction in Civil Courage" and a $1,000 cash prize.[2]


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