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Rajbhar or Rajwar was the title of the erstwhile medieval Kings of Askot in Pithoragarh district of the Kumaon region of the Uttarakhand state of India.


It was created in the 13th century AD, by a branch of the Katyuri Kings, headed by Abhay Pal, who was the grandson of Katyuri emperor, Brahm Deo, and became a part of British India by the treaty of Sighauli in 1816. Though the Rajbhar were conquered by Chand Kings, they managed to keep possession of the land by paying a tribute to the Chand Kings.

They were feudal Kings (Mandalik Rajas) under different rulers. They enjoyed absolute power in the villages of Talla and Malla Askot, two major administrative blocks of Askot at that time. Abhay Pal was the first Rajbhar of Askot. The palace of Rajbhar was called 'Deval'.


The word 'Rajbhar' means 'the best among kings'. Some historian think that the word 'Rajbhar' originates from Raj+Barah (Twelve); that is, one of twelve Kings of that time - Katyuri, Chand, Khas (Pathani), Shahi, Malla, Bashera, Bum and Mankoti, etc. The tradition of Rajbhars remained as such under different reigns of Doti, Katyuri, Chand, Gorkha and British. Rajwar of Champawat shifted to Jaspur during the British rule in India. Jaspur is located in Bichlla Chaukot. The Rajwar were the kings of the region. They were authorized to collect the revenue of the land in the hill region. They were one of the highest castes of the Hindu religion. They used to distribute their land among the people who were their faithful. There are other villages in the Chaukot region like Pipoda, Deghat, Masi. They had their kingdom in different regions of the Chaukot. They settled Brahamin, Harijans and other people to increase the humanity among the villages. The Rajwar of Jaspur are very famous all over the country as well as abroad. Dharam Singh Rajwar put the foundation stone of the Durga Temple in Jaspur for the people of Jaspur to worship and to build the faith on the Goddess so that the people live in peace and harmony after praying to the Goddess Durga Devi. Jaspur is one of the villages where the people are always sincere and helpful to others. The river of Bichlla Chaukot is known as "vinod Nedi" which originate basically from the himalayan hills range of Deghat & it provide water to people through "JAL NIGAM" & to crops field through canals. Rajbhar also known as the Rajputs in the northern part of India.

List of Rajbhars of Askot[edit]

Gulshan rajbhar[1] Abhay Pal, Nirbhay Pal, Bharati Pal, Bhairav Pal, Bhoo Pal, Ratna Pal, Shankh Pal, Shyam Pal, Shah Pal, Bhoj Pal, Surjan Pal, Bharat Pal, Surtan Pal, Achha Pal, Trilok Pal, Sur Pal, Jagat Pal, Praja Pal, Rai Pal, Mahendra Pal, Jayant Pal, Birbal Pal, Amar Singh Pal, Brahm Pal, Uchhav Pal, Vijay Pal Mahendra Pal, Rudra Pal, Bahadur Pal, Pushkar Pal, Gajendra Pal, Bhupendra Pal, Vikram Bahadur Pal,Tikendra Bahadur Pal, Bhanuraj Singh Pal.binod rajwar from bokaro,Jharkhand anuj rajbhar,mukesh kumar bhardwaj


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  • Source: History of Kumaon by B.D. Pant

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