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The famous Tribhuvan Chowk (now Gajendra Chowk) situated in the center of this City.
The famous Tribhuvan Chowk (now Gajendra Chowk) situated in the center of this City.
Rajbiraj is located in Nepal
Location of Rajbiraj in Nepal
Coordinates: 26°32′26″N 86°44′55″E / 26.54056°N 86.74861°E / 26.54056; 86.74861Coordinates: 26°32′26″N 86°44′55″E / 26.54056°N 86.74861°E / 26.54056; 86.74861
Country    Nepal
Development Region Eastern
Zone Sagarmatha Zone
District Saptari District
 • Municipality Head Bishnu Prasad Gurung
 • City 25 km2 (10 sq mi)
Elevation 76 m (249 ft)
Population (2011 est.)
 • City 37,738
 • Density 1,500/km2 (3,900/sq mi)
 • Metro 50,000 (approx.)
Time zone Nepal Standard Time (UTC+5:45)
Postal code 54600
Area code(s) 031
Website www.rajbirajmun.gov.np

Rajbiraj (Nepali: राजबिराज) is a mid-sized municipality in south-eastern Nepal established in 1950s, 16 kilometers north of the Indian border. It is the administrative headquarters of Saptari District.

Rajbiraj is one of the few cities given the status of municipality when Nepal's monarchy was restored in the 1950s. It is also the headquarters of Sagarmatha Zone and Saptari District. Rajbiraj is the first township of Nepal to be urban planned. The Nepal government plans to develop it as a model city with aid from agencies like world bank, IFC, ADB and IMF. The Indian Government is requested to provide road connectivity to the town given its close proximity to India and large number of people of Indian origin.

The town is now recognized as Educational capital of Eastern Nepal with various schools and colleges opening. It currently has an operating medical college and a nursing college. Engineering colleges are planned.

The city also has a old history with the ruins and stone samples from local Rajdebi temple dating back to 4th century AD. However due to lack of funds full evaluation and excravation is pending.

The district was blacklisted for further funds by indian embassy because of delay in work by some contractors and because of corruption in the work from indian government. Nepal government is requested to take strong steps to ensure that the current work is completed in a timely manner and all those involved in corruption and bring the city's development prosecuted by various local newspapers.The name 'Rajbiraj' is planned to be changed to 'AmreshBiraj' as soon as Amresh Yadav completes his MBBS degree from Kathmandu Medical College


According to 2011, Rajbiraj's population was 99,738. Rajbiraj is situated within one of the most ethnically diverse regions of Nepal, and the rural hinterland is home to a diverse cross section of Terai communities consisting of Yadav, Musalmaan, Brahman,Rajput, Kayastha, Marwari, Tharus, Das and Mandal. Most people follow Hinduism followed . The main languages are Nepali,Maithili and Tharu.


  • Road: Rajbiraj is connected by road to Nepal's East-West Highway about 10 kilometres (6 mi) to the northeast. Buses are an important mode of intercity passenger travel.
10 kilometres (6 mi) SSE is a border crossing to the town Kunauli in Supaul District, Bihar State, India. The crossing has a customs checkpoint for goods. Indian and Nepalese nationals cross without restriction.
  • Air: Rajbiraj has its own airfield with flights to Kathmandu and other airports in Nepal. The government planned to convert the airport to an international airport but the program is currently stopped because of Scarcity of funds.
  • Intracity: The best way of getting around the city is by using cycle rickshaws and maxi. There are also auto rickshaws running short distances but they don't operate in the main market area.


Climate data for Rajbiraj Raaj Rangashaalaa (1981-2012)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 21.5
Average low °C (°F) 8.0
Precipitation mm (inches) 12.7
Source: Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (Nepal)[1]


Rajbiraj is not a typical tourist city but is a great hub to explore the interesting places in eastern Nepal. However, there are many things to do in the city. A number of colorful haatiyaa bazaars are held each week in different parts of the town, where farmers from the rural hinterland set up stalls to trade agricultural produce, spices and handicrafts. Rajbiraj is ideal as a hub for travel plans in Eastern Nepal. The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve famous for its wildlife, especially for bird-watching enthusiasts, is a mere 60-minute drive from the city. It is also home to the endangered wild buffaloes called "Arna" in Nepali. The Saptakoshi Bridge is also the attraction to visit it is only 25 km far from the city.Another beautiful location near Rajbiraj is Dharan (75 km )which is 2 hours' journey by bus. The place is famous for Dantakali temple, Pindeshwar temple, Budha Subbha temple and Panch Kanya and is surrounded with hills and Bhedetar is famous view point.


Chinnamasta Bhagawati

Chinnamasta Bhagwati,Sakhda

Chinnamasta Bhagawati (छिन्नमस्ता भगवती) is one of the famous temples of Eastern Nepal. It is situated in Chinnamasta VDC, Saptari, 10 km from Rajbiraj and also near to Indian Border. This Temple is a main attraction for Nepal and Indian Pilgrims. People are likely to come here in Bada Dashain.Some thousands of goats are sacrificed here during dashain. [2]


Shambhunath (शम्भुनाथ) is another one of the famous temples of Eastern Nepal. It is situated in Shambhunath Municipality, Saptari, 12 km from Rajbiraj and also near to Mahendra Highway . This Temple is a main attraction for Nepal and Indian Pilgrims. People are likely to come here in Bada Dashain . During month of Baisakh (The first month of Bikram Sambat) the people are celebrate here with joy and happiness.

Kankalini Temple

Kankalini Temple

Kankalini Temple (कंकालिनी ) is another famous temple situated in this district. it is located in Bhardah VDC (planned to be Municipality soon). This temple is main attraction for Nepal and Indian pilgrims.people are likely to come here in Bada Dashain.Kankalini Temple has great religious importance. Like most of the other Shakti Peethas in Nepal, this temple, too, has a legend attached to it. According to the legend, the people settled in Bhardaha village had started to use the land for farming, however, while digging, some farmers had found a stone statue carved beautifully with the image of Goddess Durga and in that very place, this temple is said to have been build. It is believed that when a devotee worships with great devotion and true heart in the temple, their wish comes true. So, thousands of peoples from many part of the country come to this temple to worship the avatar of Goddess Durga, known famously as goddess Kankalini. [3]

Rajdevi Temple

This Temple is situated in the Rajbiraj City.

Rajdevi (राजदेवी)Temple is also famous temple situated in this city.it is located in Rajdevi Tole.This temple is famous along the city people and entire district.It is believed that when a devotee worships with great devotion and true heart in the temple, their wish comes true. So, thousands of peoples from many part of the country come to this temple to worship the avatar of Goddess Rajdevi, known famously as goddess Rajdevi.


To Promote local culture Rajbiraj has two FM radio stations. One is Radio Bhorukawa FM - 92.8 MHz and another is Radio Chhinnamasta FM - 101.4 MHz. Which are Community radio Station.

Hotels & Lodge[edit]

  • Hotel Star Deluxe
  • Rajbiraj Geust House
  • Prakash Deluxe Hotel and Lodge
  • Tanduri House
  • Hotel Shivas
  • Hotel Ektaa
  • New Guest House
  • Rajdevi Lodge
  • Vatika Party Place And Hotel
  • Paras Lodge
  • Hotel MountBlue
  • Malla Hotel
  • Ventuna Hotel And khaja Ghar
  • Sagar Hotel
  • Hamro Hotel
  • Taaj Hotel
  • Sherestha Hotel

List of Glass House[edit]

  • Shankar looking glass, rajbiraj
  • Bhawani glass house, rajbiraj
  • Shiv glass & framing center ,kanchanpur
  • Kanchan glass house, rajbiraj

List of Educational Institutions inside Rajbiraj[edit]

  • Mahendra Bindeshwari Multiple Campus (T.U.Campus)
  • Rajbiraj Model College
  • Chinnamasta Higher Secondary School
  • Mission Higher Secondary School
  • Oxford International College
  • Kshitiz College
  • Unique Nursing College
  • Jagadamba Nursing College
  • Chinnamasta Nursing College
  • College of Software and Engineering College
  • Peace Zone Model School,Rajbiraj
  • Happyland Higher Secondary School
  • Durga Secondary School
  • Shiva International Boarding Secondary School
  • Premier Secondary School
  • Little Flower Secondary School
  • Rajdevi Secondary School
  • Laliguraans Higher Secondary School
  • Nepal Softech College Of Computer Engineering
  • Universal Academy
  • Dyanamic Educational Academy
  • Saptarsihi Educational Academy
  • Green Secondary Boarding School Rajbiraj
  • Subham Reliance Academy
  • Janaki Higher Secondary School

List of F.M.Radio Station inside Rajbiraj[edit]

  • Bhorukuwa F.M.
  • Chinnamasta F.M.
  • Apan F.M.
  • C.F.M.
  • Chandrama F.M.

List of Bank With ATM facility inside Rajbiraj[edit]

  • Rastirya Banijya Bank
  • Nepal Bank Limited
  • Nepal Agricultural Bank
  • Sunrise Bank Limited[4]
  • IME Global Bank Limited
  • Everest Bank Limited
  • Century Bank Limited
  • Machapuchhre Bank Limited
  • Prabhu Bikas Bank Limited (2nd)

Notable Person[edit]

  • Mehboob Alam : Nepalese Cricket Player Cricket Association of Nepal.
  • Udit Narayan : Famous Nepali and Bollywood Singer.
  • Aditya Narayan : Bollywood and Nepali Singer, Actor.
  • Late Ram Raja Prasad Singh
  • Late Gajendra Narayan Singh
  • Late Hon. Chief Justice Shri Bhagwati Prasad Singh (Gorkha Dakshin Bahu).
  • Rt. Hon. Chief Justice of Supreme Court Shri Surendra Prasad Singh (Gorkha Dakshin Bahu).
  • Rt. Hon. Justice of Supreme Court and Member of Raj Parishad Shri Babar Prasad Singh (Gorkha Dakshin Bahu).
  • Late Hon. Minister Dr.Nageshwar Prasad Singh.
  • Former Minister of State for Home affairs Ram Kumar Chaudhary.
  • Late Shri Yamunanand Mishra First Chairman of Municipality.
  • Mr. Rajendra Prasad Shah, Honourable Member, Public Service Commission (PSC)

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