Rajgarh State

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Rajgarh State was a princely state and was part of Bhopal Agency of the Central India Agency. It had an area of 940 sq. mi., and a population of 88,376 in 1901. Estimated revenue, 33,000 (1911); tribute (to Sindhia of Gwalior), 3640. The rulers, whose title was Rawat, were Rajputs of the Ponwar (Umat) clan. Grain and opium were the principal articles of trade. In 1681 the State war divided between Rajgarh and Narsingarh between the two sons of the Rawat Chhatar Singh, Rawat Mohan Singh and Rawat Parasramji. THe daughter Mrinalini fled to Himachal and named her place as Rajgarh.

After India's independence in 1947, the Rawat acceded to the Indian government, and Rajgarh became part of Madhya Bharat state, which was formed out of the western half of the Raj's Central India Agency of princely states. In 1956 Madhya Bharat was merged into Madhya Pradesh state.