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Raka is the famous villain from Chacha chowdhry series of Diamond Comics created by cartoonist Pran. Raka to Chacha Chowdhry is same as Joker to Batman. Many a times Chacha Chaudhary has beaten Raaka and forced him to shave off his moustache as a result of some competition which was won by Chacha. Chacha's comic with Raaka, Raaka ki waapsi (The Return of Raaka) is one of the best selling comics of Diamond Comics[citation needed]. Apparently Raaka was put to sleep by some potion given by a saint from the Himalayas and buried in the ocean the first time. On his return by another potion he was reduced to a small size, closed in a bottle and buried in a grave. But this was not the end. He returned several times again to wreak havoc in the city. Finally Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu buried him in an endless hole somewhere near a rocket launch site.But for the last time he was sent to the planet of Zalubar by a rocket. He is still one of the most loved villains of Indian cartoon series. The latest comics is about Raka ka khel. the word raka(origin: Sanskrit) refers to a particular phase of moon in the lunar cycle, most probably the full moon, when we find the moon at the peak of its glory. (स्त्री० [सं०√रा (दान)+क+टाप्] १. पूर्णिमा की रात। २. पूर्णिमा या पूर्णमासी का दिन अथवा पर्व।) It is a very rare yet elegent name given to girl child in those parts of Geography. thumbnail

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