Rakov Škocjan

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Big Natural Bridge in Rakov Škocjan
The ruins of St. Cantianus's Church

Rakov Škocjan (pronounced [ˈɾaːkɔu̯ ˈʃkɔːtsjan]) is a valley and a landscape park, part of Inner Carniola Regional Park in southwestern Slovenia. Administratively, it belongs to the settlement of Rakov Škocjan. Rakov Škocjan has been protected since 1949 and is the oldest landscape park in Slovenia. There are two natural bridges in Rakov Škocjan, Little Natural Bridge (Slovene: Mali naravni most) and about 2.5 kilometres (1.6 mi) downstream, to the west, Big Natural Bridge (Slovene: Veliki naravni most). Rak Creek traverses the valley and enters Weaver's Cave at its western side. Above the valley, in the vicinity of Big Natural Bridge, stand the ruins of St. Cantianus's Church, built in the early 17th century in the late Gothic style. This area is also an Iron Age archaeological site.[1]

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