Rally of Progressive National Democrats

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Rally of Progressive National Democrats
Leader Mirlande Manigat
Founder Leslie Manigat
Founded 1979
Headquarters Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Ideology Haitian nationalism
Christian democracy
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation Centrist Democrat International
Regional affiliation Christian Democrat Organization of America
Colors      Green
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 99
0 / 30
Politics of Haiti
Political parties

The Rally of Progressive National Democrats (Rassemblement des Démocrates Nationaux Progressistes, RDNP) is a political party in Haiti.


The RDNP was founded in 1979 by the exiled president Leslie Manigat.[1] It was registered officiallyas political party in 25 May 1987, but only in 15 July 1987 was recognized officially by the electoral authorities.[2] In the Haitian presidential elections of 7 February 2006, its candidate Leslie Manigat won 12.4% of the popular vote. The party won in the 7 February 2006 Senate elections 10.7% of the popular vote and only 1 out of 30 Senators. In the 7 February and 21 April 2006 Chamber of Deputies elections, the party won 1 out of 99 seats. In the Haitian presidential elections of 28 November 2010, the RDNP presented as candidate Mirlande Manigat, wife of the RDNP's founder. She's won 31,37% in first voting, and in the second ballot with Michel Martelly she's won 31,74%. However in the Parliament elections the RDNP lost his seats.


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