Ralph Dacre, 1st Baron Dacre

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Ralph (or Ranulph) Dacre, 1st Baron Dacre (ca. 1290 – April 1339) was an English peer.

Dacre was the son of Sir William Dacre of Cumberland.

In 1321 he was summoned to the House of Lords as Lord Dacre. In 1331 he was appointed High Sheriff of Cumberland and Governor of Carlisle.[1]

He married Margaret de Multon, Baroness Multon of Gilsland. He commanded the English in the Battle of Dornock. Lord Dacre died in April 1339 and was succeeded in the barony by his eldest son, William. His other sons Ralph and Hugh also succeeded in turn.



Peerage of England
Preceded by
New Creation
Baron Dacre
Succeeded by
William Dacre