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Ralph Smart
Born Ralph Foster Smart
London, England, UK
Died 12 February 2001 (aged 93)
Bowen, Queensland, Australia

Ralph Foster Smart (1908 – 12 February 2001) was a film and television producer, director, and writer, born in England to Australian parents. He found work in Britain with Anthony Asquith and later alongside the film director Michael Powell, whom he assisted with "Quota quickies": low-budget B-pictures to meet a legal commitment to the British film industry.

During the Second World War, Smart joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 1942 and served until 1945.[1] Afterwards he worked for the Rank Organisation and Ealing Studios, returning to Australia to direct several films including Bitter Springs (1950), addressing the mistreatment of young Aborigines.

Back again in Britain, he became an influential figure in television, remembered as the creator and producer of Danger Man, also known as Secret Agent in the United States. He produced, directed or wrote a number of television series and films, including the 1950s series The Adventures of Robin Hood and The Invisible Man.

In 2000 he was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for "services to the development of the Australian film industry."

He retired to Australia, and died on 12 February 2001, in Bowen, Queensland.[2]

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