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Ralph of Tiberias[1] (died 1220) was briefly Prince of Galilee and twice Seneschal of Jerusalem in the Crusader states in Palestine.

He was exiled after an assassination attempt on Amalric II of Jerusalem. His elder brother Hugues had shortly before tried to get Ralph to marry Isabella of Jerusalem, and thereby claim the throne, after Henry II of Champagne died and before Amalric had married her. He went to Tripoli in 1198, Constantinople in 1204.[2] He gained a reputation as a jurist, being asked to edit the legal corpus of Le Livre du Roi, and was given a later attribution of material in the Assizes of Jerusalem, by Philip of Novara.[3]


His father was Walter of Saint Omer, his mother Eschiva of Bures, called the Lady of Tiberias, daughter of Elinard de Bures.[4] She remarried Raymond III of Tripoli in 1174. (Some accounts note Eschiva or Eshive as Elinard's sister)

He married Agnes de Grenier, daughter of Renaud, lord of Sidon.[5]


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