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The Ralte tribe is found scattered in the Lushai villages to the north of Aizawl, India. About 200 years ago the Raltes lived mostly near Champhai. Mangkhaia was an important Ralte chief there. He was killed in course of events following his clash with a Lushai chief. Mangkhaia's memorial stone has been famous throughout these hills. The Raltes zealously maintained their individual identity and resisted absorption into the folds of the Lushais. As of today most Ralte clans do not specify their tribe and carry on with Ralte and (mostly uses Lusei dialect or also call as Duhlian tawng), which makes them the most populous group of clans in Mizo society.

The Raltes mainly divided themselves into four clans namely – Siakeng, Khelte, Kawlni and Lelhchhun.

(i)SIAKENG:- 1. Engkai 2. Engkhung 3. Siakhang 4. Hilthang(Thangsiam, Damphut & Tukhum) 5. Haizang (Chawnthang & Chawnchhin) 6. Khumchiang (Chawngtual, Hmundin & Chhanzo) 7. Hillu 8. Khelhau 9. Darkim 10.Manglut 11.Hnawtsut 12.Hnawtkhel 13.Khumtung 14.Lehvung 15.Thangbur 16.Tipawm/Kipawm 17.Chhakawm 18.Hauhniang 19.Chhuanhu 20.Zongai 21.Ailet 22.Hualkhung 23.Zaucha(Sawithang, Hauthual, Luahphung, Thawmlo, Hualthang, Kulsep, Seldam, Kaihlek),etc. 24.Kilawng

(ii)KHELTE:- 1. Lutmang(Chiangkhai, Tualthang & Zahlei) 2. Vankeu(Keuluk, Hauvawng, Chiangthir & Lawnghau) 3. Thatchhing 4. Chhinghlu 5. Chhiarchuang 6. Hmaimawk 7. Hausel 8. Vangtual 9. Vohang 10.Vohlu 11.Zahlei

(iii)KAWLNI:- 1. Chalbawk(Kawlvawm, Chalchiang, Chalsawp) 2. Chaltum 3. Chuangeng 4. thangchuang 5. Lawisut 6. Helhlah 7. Thasum 8. Thangkawp 9. thasum 10.Saphaw 11.Khonghawr 12.Hlamvel 13.Holut 14.Baleng/baling 15.Bairek 16.Kawltung 17.Chalchung 18.Bungsut 19.Uikhawl 20.Arte 21.Doubul{Bungsut, Renghang (Rengsi & Rengngo)}

(iv)LELHCHHUN.:- 1. Chhunthang, 2. Chhiarkim, 3. Vawngtual, 4. Tunglei, 5. Leihang, 6. Hangdem, 7. Chuanglawk, 8. Thangbung/thangkung 9. Hauphut, 10.Selpeng, 11.Hratchhum, 12.Chhunghleh, 13.Haudim 14.haukip.etc.