Kanpur Dehat district

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Kanpur Dehat district
कानपुर देहात जिला
کانپور دیہات
District of Uttar Pradesh
Location of Kanpur Dehat district in Uttar Pradesh
Location of Kanpur Dehat district in Uttar Pradesh
Country India
State Uttar Pradesh
Administrative division Kanpur
Headquarters Akbarpur, Kanpur Dehat
Tehsils 1. Akbarpur, 2. Bhognipur, 3. Rasoolabad, 4. Derapur and 5. Sikandara 6. Maitha (Proposed)
 • Lok Sabha constituencies Akbarpur
 • Assembly seats 1. Rasulabad(sc) 2. Akbarpur-Raniya, 3. Sikandra and 4. Bhognipur(sc)
 • Total 3,021 km2 (1,166 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 1,795,092.[1]
 • Literacy 77.52%
Coordinates 26°20′39″N 79°58′02″E / 26.3443°N 79.96718°E / 26.3443; 79.96718Coordinates: 26°20′39″N 79°58′02″E / 26.3443°N 79.96718°E / 26.3443; 79.96718 - 26°18′07″N 79°58′01″E / 26.302°N 79.967°E / 26.302; 79.967
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Kanpur Dehat is a district of Uttar Pradesh state in northern India. The administrative headquarters of the district are at Mati-Akbarpur. This district is part of Kanpur division.


Kanpur District was divided into two districts, namely Kanpur Nagar and Kanpur Dehat in year 1977. The two were reunited again in 1979 and again separated in 1981. Uttar Pradesh government decided to rename Kanpur Dehat district as Ramabai Nagar district on 1 July 2010.[2] In July 2012, it was returned to Kanpur Dehat.


Member of Legislative Council, Kanpur Graduate Constituency is Arun Pathak, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) (from 23 January 2015)[3] Kanpur city, Kanpur Dehat and Unnao districts are included in Kanpur Graduate constituency.


Rura Railway Station

The district is well connected by railways. Three rail tracks run through Kanpur Dehat district. The railway route connecting Delhi to Hawrah belonging to North Central zone of Indian Railways is passing through centre of the district. This railway track is broad gauge and fully electrified. The railway stations on this route through the district are Bhaupur, Maitha, Roshan Mau Halt, Rura, Ambiyapur, Jhinjhak and Parjani Halt. Rura Railway Station is the main railway Station of Kanpur Dehat District.

The second track is Kanpur to Jhansi railway line. The railway stations on this route are Binaur, Rasulpur Gogumau, Tilaunchi, Paman, Lalpur, Malasa, Pukhrayan and Chaunrah. This broad gauge railway track is electrified also belongs to North Central zone.

The third railway line converted to broad gauge belongs to North Eastern Railway zone. The track runs parallel to the Ganges river. This track is also electrified.



  • Rameshwar Dayal Dwivedi
  • Ram Kumar Sachan
  • Asharfi Lal Mishra
  • Ram Khilawan Shukla

Educational Institutions[edit]

  1. RSGU Post Graduate College Pukhrayan
  2. Akbarpur Degree College Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat
    Akbarpur Degree College
  3. Government Degree College Akbarpur
  4. RPS Inter college Rura
  5. RSGU Inter College Pukhrayan
  6. Akbarpur Inter College Akbarpur
    Akbarpur Inter College Akbarpur
  7. Galuwapur Inter College Gauwapur
    Galuwapur Inter College
  8. Patel Vidyapeeth Inter College Baraur
  9. Gram Vikas Inter College Budhauli
  10. Shri Gandhi Inter College Jhinjhak
  11. Chiranji Devi Girls Inter College Rura
  12. Government Girls Inter College Pukhrayan
  13. ASDC Inter College Rasulabad
  14. Tarachand Inter College Sheoli
  15. Saraswati Vidya Mandir Inter College Sikandara
  16. Shiv Nath Singh Kshetriya Vidyalay Inter College Ranjeetpur
  17. Shri Ayoddhya Singh Sarvjanik Inter College Kashipur
  18. Shri Ram Ratan Girls Inter College Jhinjhak
  19. Jageshwar Prasad Inter College Kathara-Rasulabad
  20. Bal Govind Sarvjanik Inter College Prayagpur-Khanpur
  21. Nonapur Inter College Nonapur
  22. Kanchan Singh Bhooli Devi Degree College, Sarvankhara.
  23. Shivvati Shivnandan Shukla Mahavidalya, Pukhrayan.
  24. P.Triyugi Narayan Degree College, Mangalpur.
  25. Sarla Dwivedi Mahavidyalaya, Akbarpur.
  26. Darsan Singh Smrati Mahavidlay, Kanchosi Bajar
  27. Pt.Kundan Lal Shukla Mahavidyalaya,Prasiddhpur,Raniya.
  28. Gurha Devi Shyam Bihari Mahavidyalaya, Derapur
  29. Mayank Shekhar Mahavidyalaya,Kourawa
  30. Pt.O.P.Sharma Degree College Rura
  31. Janka Devi Degree College Rura
  32. Vivekanand Rastriy Inter College Pukhrayan
  33. Devi Sahay Inter college Derapur
  34. Gandhi Inter College Nonari
  35. Janta Inter College Asalatganj
  36. Gandhi Faze A Aam Tech. Inter College Asalatganj
  37. Shri Malveey Inter College Mugisapur
  38. Janta Inter College Gaurikaran
  39. Janta Inter College Ramau
  40. Janta Audyogik Inter College Sherpur Guda
  41. Nehru Smarak Inter College Shahjahanpur
  42. Patel Inter College Shekhpur,Bhognipur
  43. CPKU Inter College Musanagar
  44. Dayanand Gram Audyogik Inter College Barhapur
  45. Shri Ram Ratan Audyogik Krishi Inter College Jhinjhak
  46. Jankalyan Inter College Ursan
  47. Shri Ram Ratan College Kanchausi-Bazar
  48. Shri Shive Sahay Inter College Kauru Farhadpur
  49. Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Inter College Rajpur
  50. Pataleshwar Inter College Dohrapur
  51. Rashtriya Sarvjanik Inter College Bhikhnapur
  52. Nehru Inter College Gajner
  53. UN Singh Inter Ccollege Jindaura
  54. Baghpur Inter College Baghpur
  55. Ramakant Sundar Lal Inter College Gahlon
  56. Shri Krishnayurvedic Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya Musanagar
  57. Shri VMS Inter College Katethi
  58. Akbarpur Girls Inter College Akbarpur
  59. Shri Krishna Audyogik Inter College Mohammadpur
  60. Babu Dashrath Singh Inter College Aurangabad
  61. Adarsh Kisan Inter College Hasemau
  62. Janta Inter College Umarpur
  63. Bhewan Inter College Bhewan
  64. Shri Gandhi Balika Vidyalay Inter College Jhinjhak
  65. Shri Nehru Inter College Rasdhan
  66. Shri Ram Janki Sanskrit Mahavidyalay Gauriyapur
  67. Adarsh Janta Inter College Dobha
  68. Shri Brij Bihari Mehrotra Inter College Amraudha
  69. CPKU Inter College Musanagar
  70. Shri Shankar Inter College Sujaur
  71. Kshetriy Inter College Fatehpur Roshnayi
  72. Jantantra Inter College Saintha
  73. Pt.Triyugi Narayan Mahavidyalaya Mangalpur
  74. M G M Higher Secondary School Chilauli
  75. Janta High School Maitha Railway Station


According to the 2011 census Kanpur Dehat district has a population of 1,795,092,[1] roughly equal to the nation of The Gambia[5] or the US state of Nebraska.[6] This gives it a ranking of 268th in India (out of a total of 640 districts).[1] The district has a population density of 594 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,540/sq mi).[1] Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 14.82%.[1] Kanpur Dehat has a sex ratio of 862 females for every 1000 males,[1] and a literacy rate of 77.52%.[1]


Cricket is a major sport in this city. The local cricket association organizes different types of tournaments. Radheyshyam league is a major Club cricket league being played here.


Banyan tree-1 (Shiv Bjrag Dham, Kishunpur )
  • A natural bridge created by stem roots of banyan tree is situated at campus of famous Shiv Bajrang Dham Kishunpur near to Railway station Rura (NCR):
  • Water Colors Design.
    Water Colors Design
  • District Hospital .
    District Hospital

Kos Minars[edit]

Since the Mughal road (Grand Trunk Road) passes through Kanpur Dehat district, there are many Kos Minar (mile pillars) in the district. Some of them are protected monuments, notable ones are at Bhognipur, Chapar Ghata, Deosar, Gaur, Halia, Jallapur Sikandara, Pailwaru, Pitampur, Raigawan, Rajpur, Sankhiln Buzurg, Sardarpur.


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