Ramat Rachel shooting attack

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Ramat Rachel shooting attack
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The attack site
Location Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, Israel
Date September 23, 1956
Attack type
Shooting attack
Deaths 4 Israelis
Non-fatal injuries
16 Israelis
Perpetrators Jordanian Legion soldiers

The Ramat Rachel shooting attack was a shooting attack carried out by Jordanian Legion soldiers, on September 23, 1956, who opened fire on a group of Israeli archaeologists near Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. Four Jewish archaeologists were killed in the event and 16 others were wounded.

The attack[edit]

On Sunday, 23 September 1956, a tour was held for a group of Israeli archaeologists at the archaeological excavations near Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. During the tour machine-gun fire was opened on the archaeologists from Jordanian positions on the outskirts of the old city of Jerusalem. The fire killed four people, including the archaeologist Jacob Pinkerfeld, and 16 others were wounded. Another person who was seriously injured in the shooting died eventually of his wounds five years later.

Official reactions[edit]

  •  Jordan: Jordan expressed regret for the incident and blamed a single soldier who was "suddenly taken by madness".[1]
  •  Israel: Israeli foreign ministry spokesman called Jordan's version completely unfounded, quoting witnesses at the event who stated that two submachine guns and three Fire arms were clearly seen firing from two Jordanian army outposts across the border at the archaeologists in Ramat Rachel.[2]


In response to the Ramat Rachel shooting attack, The Israeli Defence Forces carried out the Operation Lulav on September 25, 1956; the counterattack was held in the Arab village Husan, near Bethlehem.


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