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Ramaze circle logo.svg
Developer(s) Ramaze Development Team
Initial release October 13, 2006
Stable release December 8, 2012 / December 8, 2012
Development status active
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in Ruby
Type Web application framework
License Ruby License
Website http://ramaze.net/

Ramaze is a web application framework created by Michael Fellinger (also known as manveru) for Ruby.

Development on Ramaze started in the summer of 2006 out of disagreement with the direction of Ruby on Rails. Originally the code of Ramaze was based on its own core but in March 2009 this was replaced by a micro framework called Innate, also developed by the author of Ramaze.

A primary design goal for Ramaze is to mix of KISS and POLS, to improve ease of use. Another goal during development of Ramaze was to make every part modular, and therefore reusable.

Like many web frameworks, Ramaze uses the model–view–controller (MVC) architecture pattern to organize application programming. It is designed to allow use of a completely different structure for an application. Out of the box Ramaze supports almost any Template Engine, and most ORMs. It supports several adapters (such as Mongrel), and data loggers (such as Growl). Ramaze also ships with helpers for generating forms, authentication, localization and other functions.


require 'ramaze'
class MyController < Ramaze::Controller
  map '/'
  # GET /
  def index
    "Hello, Ramaze!"
# Various options such as :port can also be specified.

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