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Ramendra Kumar
A Writer by Passion
Born Hyderabad, India
Nationality Indian
Genres Children's Fiction, Satire, Poetry, Travelogues and Fiction for Adults


Ramendra Kumar is an award winning Indian writer for children with 24 books in English and translations in 7 foreign and 8 Indian languages. He also dabbles in satire, poetry, travelogues and adult fiction.


Ramen was born in Hyderabad. . He did his schooling from Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet. After completing his Engineering and MBA he moved to Rourkela when he got a job in Rourkela Steel Plant. He is now settled in Rourkela with his wife Madhavi, daughter Ankita, son Aniket and labrador Aryan.

Writing Career[edit]

Ramen commenced by writing satire and poetry but once his daughter started pestering him for stories, he shifted to children’s fiction. Ramen’s first book for children came out in 1997. Since then his work has been published by such well known names like Penguin, Hachette, Pratham, National Book Trust (NBT), Rupa & Co., Children's Book Trust (CBT), Navneet, Pauline, Ponytale, Pustak Mahal and Vikas. His stories have been included in ten anthologies brought out by CBT as well as collections brought out by Vikas and Pustak Mahal. His stories have also been published in the 'Chicken Soup For The Soul Series.'

Ramen's work has been published and reviewed in major newspapers and magazines and translated into several Indian languages as well as Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, Sinhala, French, Portuguese and Spanish. One of his stories has been included in the text book for class nine students of Norway while another story has been adapted as Kamishibai, the traditional form of storytelling in Japan. His stories have also found a place in text books for schools following State, CBSE and ICSE Boards as well as in the curriculum in schools abroad. His latest book for young adults 'Now or Never' and a read-aloud book ‘Paplu the Giant’ have been recommended by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India, as Supplementary Readers. Paplu the Giant was selected for story telling sessions to mark the International Literacy Day, by its publisher Pratham Books. On 7th than 25 languages in 27 states across the country as well as abroad.

The book has also been brought out as an audio book by “Radio Mirchi” in five languages as a part of its CSR initiative 'Mirchi Cares'. The book will be distributed by Pratham Books in collaboration with National Association for the Blind.

His adaptation of Juvenile Justice Act, 2006 in a Graphic Book format was endorsed by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ( UNODC ). His graphic book on diabetes was published by Butterflies, a NGO involved with street and working children.

His first book for adults 'Mohini', was launched on Jan 1st, 2014 and has been on the Amazon ‘Hot New Releases’ bestseller list. Mohini looks at the entire roller coaster of a star’s life – from the gritty struggle to phenomenal rise and finally the cathartic collapse.

Besides, Ramen was in the course preparation team of IGNOU for a course on 'Editing Books For Children'. The writer has been contributing regularly to ezines and more than a hundred and fifty of his literary pieces have appeared in various portals. He is the editor of a children's website: [1].

The writer is also an inspirational speaker for children and is frequently invited by schools to address students as well as to speak at seminars and workshops organised by NBT, IGNOU, Bookaroo Trust et al.

Awards & Accolades[edit]

Ramen has won 26 national awards in competitions organised for writers of children's books. He also had the rare honour of presenting a paper at the 31st IBBY World Congress-2008 held in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2008.


1.JUST A SECOND AND OTHER STORIES (1997) – Vikas Publishing House, Pvt. ltd., New Delhi

2.THE MAGIC PILLS AND OTHER STORIES (1999)- Vikas Publishing House, Pvt. ltd., New Delhi

3.THE WILL TO WIN (2001) –Dahlia Publishers Pvt. Ltd., Kerala

4.INTERNET IN THE JUNGLE AND OTHER STORIES (2003)- Sanbun Publishers, New Delhi.

5.THE MAD SCIENTIST AND OTHER STORIES (2004) – Rupa & Co., New Delhi

6.CHECK AND MATE AND OTHER STORIES (2004) - Rupa & Co., New Delhi

7.THE MIRACLE PARK (2004) - Dahlia Publishers Pvt Ltd., Kerala

8.BABOLITO AND OTHER FANTASIES (2005) - Navneet Publications (India) Ltd., Mumbai

9.NOT A MERE GAME AND OTHER STORIES (2006) - Navneet Publications (India) Ltd., Mumbai

10.THE BRAVE FRIENDS AND OTHER STORIES (2007) – Pauline Publications, Mumbai

11.BETTER THAN THE BEST (2007) – National Book Trust (NBT), New Delhi

12.TERROR IN FUN CITY (NOVEL) (2008) - Navneet Publications (India) Ltd., Mumbai

13.THE CACTUS (2009) – National Book Trust (NBT), New Delhi

14.FOLK TALES OF ORISSA (2009) – Children’s Book Trust (CBT), New Delhi

15.NOW OR NEVER (NOVEL) (2010)- Ponytale Books, New Delhi

16.PAPLU THE GIANT (2011) - Pratham Books, Bengaluru

17.BRAVE NIRMAL AND OTHER STORIES (2012) - Pauline Publications, Mumbai

18.A TALE OF TAILS (2013) - National Book Trust (NBT), New Delhi

19.WE ARE DIFFERENT (2013) - National Book Trust (NBT), New Delhi

20.THE ROYAL SWEEPERS (2013) - National Book Trust (NBT), New Delhi

21.BOOND (2013) - National Book Trust (NBT), New Delhi

22. MOHINI (2014) - Bluejay Books Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi











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