Rami Abu Salah

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Rami Abu Salah
Born Jenin 25 January 1988
Jenin, Palestine
Occupation Poet, composer, researcher and translator

Rami Talal M. Abu Salah (25 January 1988) is a Palestinian poet, composer, actor and translator, he was born in Jenin in 1988. Rami is fluent in three languages other than Arabic, including English, Spanish and Hebrew.[1]

Life and study[edit]

  • He studied the elementary period at Yabad Basic Boys' School, and graduated with honors. He moved to Izz Eddin Al-Qassam Secondary Boys School to complete his secondary education. Rami finished his secondary education with excellence. In Yabad Schools Rami started his poetry participation, this was through literary radio school and school parties, so began to establish his primary objective audience among school friends and the children of his hometown.[2]
  • After graduation from secondary school, Rami moved to Nablus, where he lived five years, to complete his university education. In May 2011 Rami got the Bachelor of Science - An-Najah National University in Medical Laboratory Sciences.[3][4]


  • Dr. Lutfi Zaghloul has titled him as "The poet of Sensation" in a program on Sama Radio, Nablus 2007.[5]
  • Ayman al- Qaisi gave him the title of "Prince of Palestinian literature" in one of his articles.[6]
  • He is the representative of Palestine in a poetic competition launched by Al- Waha TV channel in December 2011.[7]

Rami and POETRY[edit]

He began writing poems at an early age, when he was eleven, and studied much about Arabic literature "self- study", then he started to translate his poems into English. He has won numerous literary awards in Palestine, including the title of the best poet of the Palestinian man in 2006 on a college literary contest.[8] He wrote many poems, articles, songs and researches.[9]

Literary and cultural activities[edit]

  • A member of the Arab-European Center for Human Rights and International Law - Norway.[10]
  • Member of UNIEM - the United States of America, registered under No. 21.912.[11]
  • He wrote A message of Peace a poem combines the two dabetween the Palestinian and Syrian histories, and the close link between the two countries, which will be a song for "Hadia Sbainy.[12]
  • He has many Audio poems, including one cooperation with the Palestinian Syrian poet "Hiam Munawer".[13]


  • Worked in the fields of language training and translation into more than two languages, also he is an editor and writer and a freelance journalist.
  • Work in the fields of theater and expressive dance training.[14]
  • Chairman of the Youth Cultural Society (Thaber) - Yabad / Palestine and he was Thaber's Echo magazine Editor.
  • Language teacher at the Freedom Theatre - Jenin.[15]
  • Contributed in a number of literary, poetry, art evenings and established a number of Arab literary sites on the web.
  • In Chile Rami became the founder and CEO of Spot Hope, which is the first social media website and cultural center that collects expats worldwide.[16]
  • He worked as a lecturer at the Academy of San Agustin in the city of Talca in Chile, in addition to that he supervised some extracurricular activities at the academy.[17]

Songs He wrote[edit]

  • My Arabic Cradle - Rana Marar.
  • A message of peace - Hadia Sbainy.
  • It is possible to have my share - Ahmed Hamdan
  • Messages from God - Mahmoud Badawiya
  • O Palestine - Chorus
  • Green Tunisia - Saad Sueana