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Ramiro "The Freakin' Puerto Rican" Torres
Ramiro Torres.jpg
Birth name Ramiro Torres Jr.
Born (1976-02-05) February 5, 1976 (age 38)
Boston, Massachusetts

Ramiro and The JAM'N Morning Show

The Weekend Top 30
Station(s) WJMN (FM)
Time slot Monday - Friday 6:00-10:00am
Country United States



Ramiro Torres is a Boston, Massachusetts area radio personality, television host and actor also known as "The Freakin' Puerto Rican".

Born in Everett, Massachusetts, to Luz Maria and Ramiro Torres Sr.,[1] Ramiro started at iHeartMedia as an intern while attending the New England Institute of Art in 1994. He landed his first job at Fun 107 (WFHN) on the day he graduated and, after his very first radio show, was offered a weekend airshift on Jam'n 94.5 (WJMN (FM)).

Torres worked his way up to nights, then afternoons, and in October 2001 was named host of "The Ramiro and Pebbles Morning Show" on Jam'n 94.5, replacing then-morning DJ Baltazar. Ramiro draws his audience from his honesty, sarcasm, and humor. Listeners welcome his prank calls (also known as Jam Scams), his personal stories, and the tasks he sends his crew on. In January 2013 the show was renamed "Ramiro's House"[2]and then "Ramiro & The JAM'N Morning Show" after iHeartMedia released Pebbles from her contract, and features sidekicks Ashlee Feldman (a former cast member of The Real World: New Orleans (2010)) and Santi Deoleo. In a short amount of time the new show's popularity exploded to the point that it garnered its own channel on the IHeartRadio app.

Torres also hosts a daily afternoon show for MY 93-9 in Miami, one for iHeartRadio, and the Weekend Top 30 Countdown, a nationally syndicated weekend countdown show.

Alongside radio, Ramiro has made numerous television appearances and hosted Community Auditions, a New England-based television talent show which has garnered more Emmy nominations than any other program in New England history (Torres was nominated for Best Host in 2011). He's also been featured on the New England Sports Network, as an on air contributor.

In his spare time Ramiro takes great pride in his health. He practices martial arts regularly (a video game on the Jam'n website, "Ramiro's Nightmare", features Torres as the main character kicking and punching karate style), competes in endurance events such as marathons and triathlons, participates in Crossfit and "The Freakin' Puerto Rican" says that every morning he wakes up at 3 A.M. to exercise before arriving at Jam'n 94.5.[3] In January 2008, Ramiro was featured in the "Bodies by Boston" issue of Stuff@Night magazine.

Personal life[edit]

Ramiro was married and has 2 daughters. His ex-wife's name is Sandie. He also has a son from a previous relationship. In September 2012, Torres announced that he and his wife were splitting up but that they would always remain close friends. He often jokes of having the world's most amicable divorce.

He holds 2 Martial Arts Black Belts; in Kenpo Karate and Jeet Kune Do.

He practices Transcendental Meditation

For two years he owned Clean Getaway Laundry in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. He sold the business in September 2012.


Guest ring announcer for UFC 45 (Edwards/Agallar) and UFC 55 (Rivera/Hallman).

In the fall of 2007 Ramiro received a Latin Pride Award for Excellence in Radio Broadcasting.

Awarded Best Morning Show by Cityvoter.com in January 2011

Had a kangaroo officially named after him after running the Boston Marathon for Zoo New England in April 2012

Voices a talk radio show caller in the video game Grand Theft Auto V.

Torres credits himself with the success of the Boston sports teams saying that the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins started winning championships after he became the host of the Morning Show in 2001.

He has also commented on air about receiving the highest morning ratings in the history of the 94.5 frequency.[citation needed]


In 1999 R&B singer R. Kelly threw a table at Ramiro during an interview after Torres asked him about his alleged marriage to Aaliyah.

In 2007 comedian Mike Epps physically threatened Ramiro on air after Torres called Epps out for being a boring guest. On June 18, 2008, Mike Epps called into the show and apologized to Ramiro.[4]

On April Fools Day 2008 Ramiro fooled his listening audience and many of his coworkers by pretending to be fired and replaced by the "Zippy and The Fox" morning show. After about an hour Ramiro called up Zippy and The Fox on air to seemingly say his final goodbye, only to reveal that it was all an April Fools joke and that he still planned on doing the morning show.


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