Ramji Londonwale

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Ramji Londonwaley
Ramji Londonwale.jpg
Directed by Sanjay Dayma
Produced by R. Chintu Mohapatra
Written by Kamal Hassan
Starring R. Madhavan
Samita Bangargi
Raj Zutshi
Harsh Chhaya
Satish Shah
Music by Vishal Bhardwaj
Pravin Mani
Cinematography Ravi Varman
Release dates
2 September 2005
Country India
Language Hindi

Ramji Londonwaley (2005) is a Hindi language film starring R. Madhavan in the lead role. Amitabh Bachchan guest stars. It is a remake of the Tamil film, Nala Damayanthi. The film was previously titled Bawarchi.



Ramji (Madhavan), a naive and docile village cook dreams of marrying his sister to a good family, as they are orphans and it becomes his sole responsibility. As per convention he has to shell out dowry for the marriage and somehow falls short of the agreed sum. Incidentally the groom's family happens to admire the food cooked by Ramji and plan to send him to London as a cook for multi millionaire London based Indian family. In return he has to send part of his salary as a compensation for the dowry he owes.

Unfortunately, the millionaire dies of indigestion the day Ramji arrives, leaving him jobless and without his passport and visa, which had been stolen. Desperate to stay and earn, he starts working illegally as a cook in an Indian hotel owned by an NRI Badri, but to stay on, he needs to get a legal work permit as the immigration police are on his heels. Jai Kapoor, Badri's cunning lawyer friend explains him that only way out is marriage with a British citizen. Ramji reluctantly agrees for a fake marriage with Jai's girlfriend Samira and they get married over the weekend. For all these gimmicks Raj charges heavy fees from Badri and deposit's in the joint account of his with Samira.

The police believes this is a fake marriage and decides to refer the matter to the consulate. Constant stalking by the police forces the couple to stay together to avoid detection by authority. Samira is deeply troubled with rural mannerisms of Ramji. To break the ice, Ramji cooks delacacis for Samira & wins her heart. Over a period of time Samira realises that Jai is fooling around with her and doesn't love her.

Meanwhile Ramji is not able to send the dowry installments as promised & his sister's in-laws throw her out. Samira handles this situation smartly and send all the money received for the fake marriage in their joint account to her & makes sure her long-time friend takes care of her.

In their confrontation with the consulate, Ramji answers more than he is asked at the immigration office then is forced to return to India. Drama ensues when Ramji wins a cooking competition and subsequently gets his passport, visa and work permit at the last moment in the airport. But he remains unperturbed by the natural turn of events and takes it as his responsibility to return to his village and help in the upliftment of his community-mates. Samira eventually comes along to Palakkad and the movie ends with a happy note where couple starts off a restaurant. Actor Amitabh Bachhan comes to inaugurate their restaurant.


# Song Singer
1 Ramji Ke Paas Hai Sab Ke Liye Masala Raghuvir Yadav
2 London London Sukhwinder Singh
3 Do Do Do Do Suresh Wadkar, Alisha Chinai
4 Dhooan Dhooan Sonu Nigam
5 Bhool Na Jaying Daler Mehndi, Rakesh Pandit
6 Ramji Bhangra (Remix) Pravin Mani, Arjun
7 When Cultures Meets Pravin Mani
8 When Soul Speaks Pravin Mani
9 Ramji In Club Pravin Mani

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