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Ramnæs Church
dating from sometime in the 1100s

Ramnes is a village in Re municipality, and former municipality, in Vestfold county, Norway. The village of Ramnes was the administrative centre of the municipality.

The parish of Ramnæs was established as a municipality January 1, 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). According to the 1835 census the municipality had a population of 2,716. On 16 July 1873 an uninhabited part of Våle municipality was moved to Ramnes following a royal resolution. On January 1, 2002 Ramnes was merged with Våle to form the new municipality of Re. In 1996 Ramnes had a population of 3,579.

The name[edit]

Until 1889 the name was written "Ramnæs". The municipality and originally the parish (Ramnes kirke) was named after the old farm Ramnes (Old Norse Rafnnes), since the first church was built there. The first element is rafn m 'raven', the last element is nes n 'headland'. (Here the headland is made by the meeting of two rivers.)


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Coordinates: 59°21′N 10°15′E / 59.350°N 10.250°E / 59.350; 10.250