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The Rampant Lions Press was a fine letterpress printing firm in Britain, operating from 1924 to 2008. The firm was founded by Will Carter (1912–2001), and was continued by his son, Sebastian (b. 1941).

It started life as a private press in 1924, when Will was still a schoolboy. After the war, his interest in printing was such that he decided to try to establish the Press on a commercial footing, and did so in Cambridge in 1949. From that date until the formal closure of the Press at the end of 2008, Rampant Lions has been among the most highly regarded letterpress printing-offices in Britain. The skills of Will and Sebastian Carter in design and press-work have been recognized by publishers, who commissioned work from them, and by collectors, who have sought out their publications since the 1950s. Sebastian Carter also has an international reputation as a writer on type and typography.

Further reading[edit]

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External links[edit]

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