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Ramraiyas follow Ram Rai, the excommunicated eldest son of Guru Har Rai (1630–61), who was sent by his father as an emissary to the Mughal court at Delhi.[1] He won the approval of the emperor Aurangzeb but the displeasure of his own father, by changing lines of Guru Granth Saahib, who when choosing the next Sikh Guru passed over Ram Rai and selected his younger brother Har Krishan. A few Ram Raiya institutions are maintained in Dehra Dun ( Uttarakhand state) on land given to Ram Rai by Aurangzeb.

Attack on Dasam Granth[edit]

Ram Rayias were first to speak foul against writings of Guru Gobind Singh.[2] A heretic group from the Payal region of Ludhiana are known to be the first among the attackers on recitation of hymns of Dasam Granth when they physically assaulted a 'raagi' who was reciting Chaupai Sahib (a Dasam Granth Baani) in congregation. In Paayal Pur Ghudarni village, When Ragi Bulaki Singh read Rehraas in Sangat and read Chopai bani of tenth guru then Ram Raiyas abused him and Guru Gobind Singh and beat him too. Moreover they break musical instrument(saranda) he had with him.[3][4]

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