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The Ramsays are a fictional family in the Australian soap opera Neighbours. The cul-de-sac, which is the central focus of the series is named after the family.

The Ramsay family tree.

The Ramsays have been a pivotal part of Neighbours since its conception in 1985. The family originally comprised Max Ramsay (Francis Bell), his wife Maria (Dasha Blahova), and their two sons Shane (Peter O'Brien) and Danny (David Clencie).[1] The family lived at No.24 Ramsay Street, one of the original three houses on Neighbours. Later, extensions to the original Ramsay family were brought in including Max's sister Madge (Anne Charleston) and their brother Tom (Gary Files).

Madge's children, Charlene (Kylie Minogue) and Henry (Craig McLachlan), later arrived. By 1987, Charlene's romance with Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan) had become popular with Neighbours viewers, who dubbed them "TV's Romeo and Juliet" because they were from feuding families. Their wedding in "Episode 523" famously united the Ramsay and Robinson families.[2] In 2001, Madge, the last remaining Ramsay on the street, died, after Charleston quit the show.[3]

No. 24 has been associated with the Ramsay family since the show began in 1985.

In February 2009, it was announced that a new generation of the Ramsay family would be introduced to the show.[4] At the time, the Ramsays had not appeared in Neighbours for over a decade.[5] Executive producer Susan Bower said the introduction of the new Ramsay family members was based on the American drama series Party of Five.[6] Paul Robinson's (Stefan Dennis) daughter Elle (Pippa Black) discovered that Max had a secret daughter with Paul's mother Anne. The affair was kept a secret due to the feud between their families, and Anne moved away with her daughter Jill (Peri Cummings).[7] As a result, Elle tracked down Jill and met her three children; Kate (Ashleigh Brewer), Harry (Will Moore) and Sophie (Kaiya Jones). When Jill was killed in a hit and run accident, Kate, Harry and Sophie move to Ramsay Street and eventually become close with their uncle Paul.[7] They lived at No. 24, like the original Ramsays, until it was sold off and Kate and Sophie moved in with Paul. Since then, all three have departed the soap. Charlene and Scott's son, Daniel (Tim Phillipps) will be introduced on 29 April 2014.[8]

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