Ramsey Bay

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Ramsey Bay is a large bay at the northeastern end of the Isle of Man. It runs for 18 kilometres (some 25% of the island's length) from the Point of Ayre at the island's northern tip to Maughold Head. The town of Ramsey lies towards the south of the bay.

Ramsey Bay in broadcasting history[edit]

In July 1964 the original Radio Caroline ship sailed from the coast of Essex to Ramsey Bay, from where it broadcast as Radio Caroline North until it was towed away by its creditors in March 1968.

The proposed longwave radio station MusicMann 279 also plans to broadcast from Ramsey Bay, initially also from a ship and later from a custom-built platform. No firm launch date has yet been announced.

Coordinates: 54°20′00″N 4°20′49″W / 54.33333°N 4.34694°W / 54.33333; -4.34694