Hamir of Mewar

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For Hammir of Ranthambore see Hammir Dev Chauhan

Rana Hammir was a 14th-century ruler of Mewar in present-day Rajasthan, India. Following an invasion by the Delhi sultanate at the turn of the 13th century, the ruling Guhilot clan had been displaced from Mewar. Hammir, who belonged to an impoverished cadet branch of that clan, regained control of the region, re-established the dynasty, and became the first of his dynasty to use the royal title 'Rana'. Hammir also became the progenitor of the Sisodia clan, a branch of the Guhilot clan, to which every succeeding Maharana of Mewar has belonged.

He built the Annapoorna Mata temple which is located in the Chittorgarh Fort in Rajasamand, Rajasthan.

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