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Dr. James Rand Hummel (born September 18, 1956) is an American author, preacher and camp administrator. He has worked for many years as Assistant Director of The Wilds Christian Camp/Conference Center in Brevard, North Carolina and in 2007, he was named Director of THE WILDS of New England in Deering, New Hampshire.


Rand Hummel was raised in Orangeville, Pennsylvania and became a Christian at the age of 6. He came from a broken family and for many years lived with his Grandparents. Despite growing up with a lot of anger problems, Rand continued to attend church. Although not a fundamentalist at first, he became unimpressed with what he perceived as a casual attitude toward God among many Christians. This led him to fundamentalism, and eventually, Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina.

Rand received his B.A. from Bob Jones in 1978. Immediately after graduation, he went to work at The Wilds, a Christian camp in Brevard, North Carolina specializing in teen ministry. He was the Program Director there for 25 years. Describing his work, he said "a lot of my job is simply the teens. I preach to them, counsel them, hang out with them, run the games... We actually have the best job on the campsite." Every summer Rand speaks to around 15,000 teenagers who come to the Wilds. He later became the Assistant Director, and in 2007 was appointed Director of The Wilds of New England.

Maintaining a busy itinerary throughout the year, Rand preaches about 350 times annually. He has also written several books and Bible study guides. Much of his speaking and writing focuses on evangelism, the knowledge of God through personal daily devotions, and moral purity.

He has also been part of the BJU Seminary's adjunct faculty since 1999. He received an honorary doctorate from the school in 2004.

Rand and his wife Amber have had two miscarriages and one stillborn. He said that these experiences drew them closer to God. The Hummels also have two grown children.

In early March 2012, Rand suffered a mild heart attack and spent several days in the hospital. He has since recovered and is reported to have returned home in full health.


  • "Make it hard to sin and easy to do right!" (Romans 13:14)
  • "You can be as close to God as you want to be!" (James 4:8)
  • "Why do we throw a pair of Levi’s on Christ and bring Him down to our level? He’s a holy God."
  • "People say, 'What’s the difference – 25 years ago and now?' Easy – sin is not sinful any more. And nothing is that bad. So we need to help them to understand the seriousness and the wickedness of our sin, and see it through the eyes of God."
  • "God wants the best for my life." (Common sermon theme, often having the audience repeat it with him)
  • "When you put your stick in the fire, you don’t get a big ‘S’ on your shirt or your blouse and you’re a super-Christian and never sin again because you will sin again. This just simply means that I’ve committed my life to the Lord, and it’s a testimony of what God has already done in my heart.” (Said at the Friday campfire service during the summer camp program; in lieu of testimonies, campers are encouraged to throw a stick into the campfire to symbolize submission to God.)
  • "Lord, help us to hate sin and love you more." (Common theme in prayer.)


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Bible Meditation Series

Six-Week Bible Studies

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  • Joseph: A Man with Character. The Wilds. (2003)
  • Jonah's Magnificent God. The Wilds. (2004)
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  • 1 Peter: Living in the Face of Ridicule. The Wilds.
  • God Is.... The Wilds. (2008)

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