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Randall Woolf (born August 23, 1959) is an American composer known for his diverse contemporary works, and in particular for his works based on children's literature and collaborative work with youth organizations. He studied composition privately with David Del Tredici and Joseph Maneri, and at Harvard, where he earned a Ph.D. He is a member of the Common Sense Composers Collective. He is composer-mentor for the Brooklyn Philharmonic. In 1997 he composed a new ballet of “Where the Wild Things Are,” in collaboration with Maurice Sendak and Septime Webre. He works frequently with John Cale, notably on his scores to Saint-Cyr (2000), American Psycho (2000) and Y Mabinogi (2003). John Cale and Mr. Woolf collaborated on a performance of all the songs from Cale's most celebrated solo album Paris 1919, by Cale and his band, with orchestral arrangements by Woolf. The new version was performed at London’s Royal Festival Hall in March, 2010, and subsequently in Melbourne, Australia, Brescia, Italy, Los Angeles and Paris, France.

His works have been performed by Kathleen Supové, Kronos Quartet, Jennifer Choi, Timothy Fain, Mary Rowell, Todd Reynolds, Ethel, conductor and flutist Ransom Wilson, Present Music, Fulcrum Point, Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble and others.

Woolf's Orchestra piece, White Heat was commissioned and premiered at the Tanglewood music center, in 1989.


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