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Randevyn Pierre
Randevyn during a video shoot in Atlanta, Georgia.
Background information
Born (1978-12-11) December 11, 1978 (age 35)
Origin Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Occupation(s) Singer-Songwriter, Writer, Activist
Instruments Vocals, Piano
Years active 2005-2010
Labels Earthtone Music, LLC (EMG)
Associated acts None noted
Website www.randevynonline.com

Randevyn (ran-dev-vin) Pierre is an American, independent pop/urban alternative singer-songwriter, musician, composer and activist.

Musical biography[edit]

Randevyn Pierre first discovered his talents in Pirmasens, Germany, as the lead vocalist of his father's gospel choir at the age of 10. After moving back to the United States at 13, he began playing piano and organ for his local church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a high school student, Pierre recorded Christian music with Verity Records' Stellar Award-winning, Colorado Mass Choir as well as EMI's Denver-based, Heritage Christian Center Choir. Shortly after his relocation to Atlanta, Georgia, Randevyn's talent was brought to the attention of several Atlanta musicians including rapper Chris Ludacris Bridges and platinum-selling R&B group, Jagged Edge's 581 Entertainment. Playing piano for himself, Randevyn was invited to audition for Jagged Edge's small label and their mother, Linda Casey, who was impressed with Pierre's talents. Because of the label's full roster and other issues, the business relationship was never consummated. Later, after an unsuccessful audition with Fox's American Idol (season 3), Randevyn decided to merge and release a collection of soul songs he had written and recorded as a full-length album. Randevyn's musical visibility began in October 2005 when he teamed up with Sincere Johnson, CEO of Atlanta-based, Sin. J Entertainment, surfacing as the company's flagship artist.


Randevyn's 2005 compilation of songs entitled, SolTrain was nationally released by Sin. J Entertainment as a full-length, independent album on November 8. Though released by a small company, SolTrain was nominated for several independent music awards, being played on radio in the United States, Europe and Asia on Radio One[disambiguation needed] and XM Radio. Randevyn's first album also made its mark, entering Billboard '​s Radio & Records Going for Adds in September, 2005. In March 2006, Soltrain received a mention in an edition of Billboard Magazine and BET featured Randevyn's SolTrain album on its official website. In June 2006, he appeared at the BET Awards in Los Angeles, California, as a result of SolTrain's media attention.

Musical reformation[edit]

In early 2007, Randevyn partnered two-time Grammy Award-winning producer, David "Mr. DJ" Sheats (Outkast, Goodie Mobb, the Dungeon Family) to begin working on a second album. In June 2007, Randevyn took a short break from recording, touring in a support role with Universal's Grammy Award-winning, India.Arie. During this tour, Randevyn appeared at New York City's Carnegie Hall for the first time. At the end of this tour, Randevyn was urged by India.Arie (whom he credits as his musical mentor) to began producing his own material as a pianist and singer-songwriter. By September 2007, Randevyn had taken another approach to his music, heeding Arie's advice about producing skeletons for his own songs. The decision to create music from his original piano arrangements triggered a major change in Randevyn's sound as he began creating more fingerprinted compositions that would mirror his musicianship. He later partnered Mike Phillips of the Drummerboyz Club to complete the full musical production of The Randevyn Project.

In September 2007, Randevyn marched in Jena, Louisiana, in support of the nationally organized rally against the jailing of the Jena 6. This experience would eventually be the premise and inspiration for "Jena Tree", a song on Randevyn's second album. In March, 2008, Randevyn parted with Sin. J Entertainment.

The Randevyn Project[edit]

Randevyn's second studio album was titled, The Randevyn Project, and released by Earthtone Music in February, 2009. In a 2008 Myspace blog, Randevyn expressed his new view on his brand of music, acting as co-producer on his second album. When snippets from the album were released on Randevyn's official Myspace page in March 2008, it was clear to many that his musical angle had been re-invented.

The new cross-genre album was originally scheduled for release on Tuesday, September 30, 2008, but was not released until the following year. According to his Myspace blog, this release was projected to emerge as an incredible, ground-breaking, urban alternative album. Though the release did not claim the national visibility of SolTrain, Randevyn was regarded by many as an activist-songwriter who created his own, remarkable stamp of pop music with the release of The Randevyn Project.

Earthtone Music Group/Innergy Publishing[edit]

In March 2008, a group of investors established Earthtone Music Group (EMG) with the sole purpose of signing Randevyn as its headline act. The company, made up mostly of venture capitalists, compiled resources to promote The Randevyn Project overseas to save the record's momentum. With the establishing Writeomatic Publishing in 2006, Randevyn became the owner of his music publishing rights. In partnership with newly Atlanta-based production teams, Hardwork Entertainment and The Drummerboyz Club, Randevyn wrote all 14 of the The Randevyn Project's tracks. Singer India.Arie is credited with co-writing Jena Tree.


SolTrain (2005)

1st Single 2nd Single 3rd Single
DearFarah SupaNatural MissinYou
Randevyn/C. Hill (BMI) Randevyn/D. Thomas (BMI) Ted Winn (ASCAP) PJ Morton (SESAC)

The Randevyn Project (2009)

1st Single 2nd Single 3rd Single
Graveyard Treasure Life Support Legend
Randevyn/Mike P. (BMI, SESAC) Randevyn/Mike P.(BMI, SESAC) Randevyn/Mike P. (SESAC, SESAC)


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