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Randol Alan Bass (born February 12, 1953, Fort Worth, Texas[1]) is an American composer and arranger.


Bass received his bachelor's degree in Choral Music at the University of Texas at Austin and his master's degree from University of Cincinnati – College-Conservatory of Music.


Bass grew up in Midland, Texas and studied piano.

He is the founder of the Austin Symphonic Band (1982) and has been its chief music director for over twenty-six years.He started the band through his friends and they have remained in chief principal chairs for nearly twenty years. He continues to write for that ensemble and that is his main occupation. He has written several works which feature his friends in these positions and they have continued to play and perform his works throughout the Austin area. He is responsible for spearheading that ensemble to greatness and has been intending to produce compact discs with their names for the past several years but has not yet been realized due to lack of funding. He is the music director and conductor for the Metropolitan Winds of Dallas. He and several of the members from the Austin area travel to Dallas and perform together in small venues and concert halls of high school band auditoriums in Dallas.


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