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Random—Burin—St. George's
Newfoundland and Labrador electoral district
Random-Burin-St. George's.png
Random—Burin—St. George's in relation to other Newfoundland and Labrador ridings
Federal electoral district
Legislature House of Commons
Judy Foote
District created 2003
First contested 2004
Last contested 2011
District webpage profile, map
Population (2011)[1] 69,192
Electors (2011) 57,209
Area (km²)[2] 34,095.30
Pop. density (per km²) 2
Census divisions Division No. 2, Division No. 3, Division No. 4, Division No. 6
Census subdivisions Stephenville, Marystown, Clarenville, Channel-Port aux Basques, Grand Bank, Burin

Random—Burin—St. George's is a federal electoral district in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, that has been represented in the Canadian House of Commons since 2004.


Ethnic groups: 94.7% White, 4.8% Native Canadian
Languages: 98.5% English
Religions: 54.6% Protestant, 43.8% Catholic, 1.3% No affiliation
Average income: $19 018


The district includes the south coast of the island of Newfoundland, the Stephenville area, the Burin Peninsula, and the west-central coast of Trinity Bay including Random Island, Brunette Island, Long Island, Merasheen Island, Red Island and the Ramea Islands.

The neighbouring ridings are Avalon, Bonavista—Gander—Grand Falls—Windsor, and Humber—St. Barbe—Baie Verte, as well as the French Collectivité d'outre-mer (Overseas Community) of St-Pierre-et-Miquelon.

According to Elections Canada, the boundaries of this riding for the 39th General Election are:

"All that area consisting of that part of the Island of Newfoundland lying southerly and westerly of a line described as follows: commencing at Bluff Head[disambiguation needed] on the eastern shoreline of Port au Port Bay; thence easterly in a straight line to Georges Lake; thence easterly in a straight line to the mouth of Lloyds River at the westernmost extremity of Red Indian Lake; thence southerly in a straight line to a point in Victoria Lake at latitude 48°15'N and approximate longitude 57°21'W; thence generally easterly to the intersection of the Trans-Canada Highway (Route No. 1) with Route No. 230; thence easterly along Route No. 230 to Route No. 230A; thence easterly in a straight line to Ocean Pond; thence southeasterly in a straight line to British Harbour at the entrance of Smith Sound on the north shoreline of Trinity Bay; thence southeasterly to said bay; thence southerly along Trinity Bay to the easterly production in Trinity Bay of the northerly limit of the Town of Sunnyside; thence westerly along said production and said northerly limit to the Trans-Canada Highway (Route No. 1); thence southerly along said highway to the northerly limit of the Town of Come By Chance; thence westerly and southerly along the northerly and westerly limits of said town to the shoreline of Placentia Bay; thence southerly along the Eastern Channel of Placentia Bay and Placentia Bay to a point approximately 20 km west of Cape St. Mary's. Including Random Island, Ireland's Eye, Merasheen Island, Red Island, Long Island, Green Island, Brunette Island, Penguin Islands, Ramea Islands and all other islands adjacent to the shoreline of the above-described area."

See the map of the Random—Burin—St. George's riding (.PDF).


The electoral district was created in 2003: 87.1% of the population of the riding came from Burin—St. George's, 12.9% from Bonavista—Trinity—Conception, and 0.1% from Humber—St. Barbe—Baie Verte. The incumbent for Burin—St. George's riding was Bill Matthews of the Liberal Party of Canada. As of the 2012 federal electoral redistribution, this riding will be dissolved and divided between Bonavista—Burin—Trinity (45%), Long Range Mountains (44%) and Coast of Bays—Central—Notre Dame (11%).

This riding has elected the following Members of Parliament:

Parliament Years Member Party
Random—Burin—St. George's
Riding created from Burin—St. George's,
and Humber—St. Barbe—Baie Verte
38th  2004 − 2006     Bill Matthews Liberal
39th  2006 − 2008
40th  2008 − 2011     Judy Foote Liberal
41st  2011 − Present

Election results[edit]

Random—Burin—St. George's, 2003 Representation Order[edit]

Canadian federal election, 2011
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
Liberal Judy Foote 12,914 49.65 -4.10 $31,470.79
Conservative John Ottenheimer 8,322 32.00 +11.49 $58,392.45
New Democratic Stella Magalios 4,465 17.17 -6.60 $9.13
Green Tanya Gutmanis 307 1.18 -0.80 none listed
Total valid votes/Expense limit 26,008 100.0   $94,623.02
Total rejected, unmarked and declined ballots 120 0.46 +0.06
Turnout 26,128 45.80 +4.73
Eligible voters 57,047
Liberal hold Swing -7.80
Sources: [3] [4]
Canadian federal election, 2008
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
Liberal Judy Foote 12,557 53.75 +8.26 $27,863.09
New Democratic Terry White 5,553 23.77 +11.43 $5,574.70
Conservative Herb Davis 4,791 20.51 -20.25 $86,684.21
Green Kaitlin Wainwright 462 1.98 +0.56 none listed
Total valid votes/Expense limit 23,363 100.0   $91,604
Total rejected, unmarked and declined ballots 122 0.52 +0.09
Turnout 23,495 41.07 -11.4
Eligible voters 57,209
Liberal hold Swing -3.17
Canadian federal election, 2006
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
Liberal Bill Matthews 13,652 45.49 -1.28 $24,312.48
Conservative Cynthia Downey 12,232 40.76 +22.55 $27,919.55
New Democratic Amanda Will 3,702 12.34 -20.95 $842.43
Green Mark A. Brennan 426 1.42 -0.37 none listed
Total valid votes/Expense limit 30,012 100.0   $85,393
Total rejected ballots 131 0.43 -0.09
Turnout 30,143 52.09 +7.18
Eligible voters 57,869
Liberal hold Swing -11.92
Canadian federal election, 2004
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
Liberal Bill Matthews 12,383 46.77 -1.03 $32,788.03
New Democratic Desmond McGrath 8,797 33.29 +28.76 $29,123.91
Conservative Larry Peckford 4,820 18.21 -7.18 $35,579.47
Green Justin Dollimont 474 1.79 $468.70
Total valid votes/Expense limit 26,474 100.0   $83,804
Total rejected, unmarked and declined ballots 139 0.52
Turnout 26,613 44.91 -12.34
Eligible voters 59,256
Liberal notional hold Swing -14.90
Changes from 2000 are based on redistributed results. Change for the Conservatives is based on the combined totals of the Progressive Conservatives and the Canadian Alliance.
2000 federal election redistributed results
Party Vote  %
  Liberal 16,523 47.80
  Others 7,702 22.28
  Progressive Conservative 7,211 20.86
  Alliance 1,567 4.53
  New Democratic 1,565 4.53

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