Rangpo River

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River Rangpo is a river in the Indian state of Sikkim. It is a tributary of the River Teesta and is itself fed by the Rangpo chu. The town of Rangpo in Sikkim lies on its north bank. Rangpo river forms the border between Sikkim and West Bengal states at Rangpo town. There is no separate name for the town in West Bengal that lies on south bank of the river and therefore it is also called Rangpo.

Rangpo River runs through most of East Sikkim and a few parts of the Darjeeling District of North Bengal. This tributary flows mainly from east to west with a variable channel pattern including braided, meandering, straight, gorge and blocked lake. Landslides are very common along the river bank as cliff-like bedrocks are well exposed along the river valley wall.

Its confluence with Teesta River is immediately downstream of Rangpo town.