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Several publications in Canada release annual rankings of Canadian Universities. Most notably, rankings of universities in Canada is published annually by news magazine Maclean's under the name Maclean's University Rankings.[1] Other publications include online sources such as The World University Rankings and CollegeSage's annual Canadian University Rankings.[2] The primary aim of the rankings is to inform potential undergraduate applicants about Canadian universities based on a range of criteria, including student body characteristics, classes, faculty, finances, library, and reputation. The rankings are split into three categories: schools that focus on undergraduate studies with few to no graduate programs, schools that have both extensive undergraduate studies and an extensive selection of graduate programs and schools that have a professional medical program and a selection of graduate programs.[3] A notable difference between rankings in the United States and Maclean's rankings, however, is that Maclean's excludes privately–funded universities.

In 2012, the Higher Education Strategy Associates published a study ranking Canadian Universities based on research strength. The study ranks Canadian Universities in two broad fields: Science and Engineering, and Social Sciences and Humanities.[4]

Maclean's rankings[edit]

The data below is from the 2014 Maclean's University Rankings.

Medical/doctoral universities[edit]

The top category of universities in Canada are referred to in the the Maclean's rankings as "Medical/Doctoral" universities (or major research universities). They offer a broad range of PhD and other graduate programs and have medical and other professional schools. Below are the most current rankings of these universities.[5]

Rank University
1 McGill University
2 University of British Columbia
3 University of Toronto
4 Queen's University
5 University of Alberta
6 McMaster University
7 Dalhousie University
8 University of Ottawa
9= University of Calgary
9= University of Western Ontario
11 Université de Montréal
12 University of Saskatchewan
13 Université Laval
14 University of Manitoba
15 Université de Sherbrooke

Comprehensive universities 2014[edit]

Comprehensive universities have a significant degree of research activity and a wide range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including professional degrees.[6]

Rank University
1 University of Victoria
2 Simon Fraser University
3 University of Waterloo
4 University of New Brunswick
5= University of Guelph
5= Memorial University of Newfoundland
7 Carleton University
8 University of Regina
9 York University
10= Ryerson University
10= Wilfrid Laurier University
10= University of Windsor
13 Concordia University
14= Université du Québec à Montréal
14= Brock University

Primarily undergraduate universities[edit]

Primarily Undergraduate universities are largely focused on undergraduate education with relatively fewer graduate programs and graduate students.[7]

Rank University
1 Mount Allison University
2 Acadia University
3= University of Lethbridge
3= University of Northern British Columbia
5 Saint Mary's University
6 Trent University
7= St. Francis Xavier University
7= University of Prince Edward Island
9 Bishop's University
10 Lakehead University
11 Université de Moncton
12 St. Thomas University
13 University of Ontario Institute of Technology
14= Laurentian University
14= University of Winnipeg
16 Brandon University
17 Mount Saint Vincent University
18 Cape Breton University
19 Nipissing University


The University of Calgary produced a formal study examining the ranking methodology, illuminating the factors that determined its rank and criticising certain aspects of the methodology. The University of Alberta, the University of Toronto and University of Manitoba have expressed displeasure over the ranking system.[8]

Beginning in September 2006, over 20 Canadian universities, including several of the most prestigious and largest universities such as the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, Concordia University, McMaster University and Dalhousie University, jointly refused to participate.[9] University of Alberta president Indira Samarasekera wrote that Maclean's initially filed a "Freedom of Information" request but that it was "too late" for the universities to respond. Samarasekera further stated, "Most of [the universities] had already posted the data online, and we directed Maclean's staff to our Web sites. In instances where the magazine staff couldn’t find data on our Web site, they chose to use the previous year's data."[10]

Higher Education Strategy Associates' rankings[edit]

The data below is from the 2012 study ranking Canadian universities based on the research contribution of the average professor at a given university, and was published by the Higher Education Strategy Associates.[11]

Science and Engineering[edit]

Rank University
1 University of British Columbia
2 University of Toronto
3 University of Montreal
4 McGill University
5 Simon Fraser University
6 University of Waterloo
7 University of Ottawa
8 York University
9 Queen's University
10 Université du Québec à Rimouski

Social Sciences and Humanities[edit]

Rank University
1 University of British Columbia
2 McGill University
3 University of Toronto
4 University of Alberta
5 University of Guelph
6 Université de Montréal
7 McMaster University
8 York University
9 Concordia University
10 Simon Fraser University


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