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Ranu is the surname of Jatt Sikhs in Punjab.

Ranu is the surname of Jatt Sikhs in Punjab. There are many villages of Ranu Jatts in Punjab mainly Sarhala Ranuan, Bharo Majara Ranuan, Jasso Majara, Bahar Majara near Phagwara (all in SBS Nagar), Manake and Khurd in Sangrur district, and Ranwan in Malerkotla. 80% population of village Hammidi in(district & Tehsil Barnala)comprises Ranu Jatt Sikhs. Ranu Like as other Punjabi Jatts are immigrated in large numbers to Uk, Canada, USA, Italy, Australia, and all over the world . Ranus are also found in the village Mandiala Badshahpur in the Malerkotla Tehsil of Sangrur District.The main occupation of these very hardworking Jatt Sikhs is agriculture.But they have not just confined themselves to the villages and have gone and earned respect and fame in the Indian Defence forces and actively took part in the post independence wars for India.