Ranwood Records

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Ranwood Records
Ranwood logo.png
Parent company Welk Music Group
Founded 1968
Founder Randy Wood
Lawrence Welk
Distributor(s) Concord Music Group
Genre Big band
Easy Listening
Country of origin United States

Ranwood Records was an American record label, started in 1968 by Randy Wood (after he left Dot Records) together with Lawrence Welk.[1] Ranwood acquired Welk's Coral Records and Dot Records catalog for reissue on Ranwood.[2][3]

The label was strongly associated with Lawrence Welk and The Lawrence Welk Show. Most of Welk's recorded musical output from that point on was released on the Ranwood label and the label also regularly released albums by several of the show's cast members including Jo Ann Castle, Guy & Ralna, Clay Hart, Tom Netherton, and Ava Barber. Welk acquired Wood's interest in the label in 1979. The label's releases were largely in complete album format with only a modest number of 45 rpm singles.

The handful of non-Welk artists who recorded for Ranwood included Jim Nabors and Damita Jo. During the mid-1980s, the label was folded into the larger umbrella Welk Music Group, which also acquired the folk and bluegrass labels Vanguard and Sugar Hill.

In 2015, Welk Music Group sold the Vanguard and Sugar Hill labels to Concord Bicycle Music while retaining ownership of the Ranwood catalog. Welk licensed the Ranwood catalog to Concord Music Group for 10 years.[4]

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