CS Rapid București

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This article is about the sports club. For the football club, see FC Rapid București.
Active departments of CS Rapid Bucureşti
Football pictogram.svg Handball pictogram.svg Ice hockey pictogram.svg
Football Women's Handball Hockey
Basketball pictogram.svg Basketball pictogram.svg Water polo pictogram.svg
Women's Basketball Men's Basketball Water polo
Volleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg Volleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg Athletics pictogram.svg
Men's Volleyball Women's Volleyball Athletics
Weightlifting pictogram.svg Boxing pictogram.svg Boxing pictogram.svg
Weightlifting Boxing Judo
Wrestling pictogram.svg
Wrestling Karate Bowling

CS Rapid București is a Romanian sports society from București, Romania, founded in 1923.

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Official Websites
  • (Romanian) fcrapid.ro FC Rapid București Official Website
  • (Romanian) rapidkarate.com CS Rapid București Karate Official Website
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