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Rapture Ready is an Evangelical Christian site founded by Todd Strandberg in 1987, that promotes the belief that the Rapture will occur in the near future, with true Christians being taken up to Heaven.[1] The site tracks the real-world occurrence of events that they believe are prophesied in the Bible, and uses these to calculate what it sees as the approach of the Rapture.[2]


Rapture Ready's Rapture Index, showing the yearly high and low values

The "Rapture Index" keeps track of activities which could be indicators of a time when the Rapture might occur. The index includes a numerical measurement of world events and trends in light of conservative Christian views on Bible prophecy regarding the end times. This index lists a number of events and subjects, comments thereon, their influence (in points) and statistics of highs and lows by years and records.

"Nearing Midnight" is a weekly commentary on world events.


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