Rascals in Paradise

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For James A. Michener Book, see Rascals in Paradise (book).
Rascals in Paradise
Cover of trade paperback collection of Rascals in Paradise. Art by Jim Silke.
Publication information
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Limited series
Publication date August - December 1994
Number of issues 3
Creative team
Writer(s) Jim Silke
Artist(s) Jim Silke
Letterer(s) L. Lois Buhalis
Collected editions
Rascals in Paradise ISBN 1-56971-075-9

Rascals in Paradise was a comic book limited series created in 1994 by writer/artist Jim Silke and published by Dark Horse Comics. It was labeled "for mature adults only", and illustrated in a "deco sci-fi" style.[1]


In the year 2362, a duplicate of Earth is created, ostensibly as a planet-sized vacation resort. However, due to an error or miscalculation, the machine intelligence that was supposed to create the world instead created a planet called Trash-9, a world covered by hostile jungles, wilderness and deserts, and populated by dangerous natives.

Collected editions[edit]

In 1995, the series was collected into a trade paperback by Dark Horse Comics (ISBN 1-56971-075-9).


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