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Sir Rashbehari Ghose (23 December 1845 — 1921) was an Indian politician, lawyer, social worker and philanthropist.

Early life[edit]

Rashbehari Ghose was born 23 December 1845 in the village of Khandaghosh in Burdwan in Bengal Presidency. Rash Behari was educated in the Burdwan Raj Collegiate School, after which he entered the Presidency College, Calcutta. He obtained a first class in the M.A. examination in English. In 1871 he passed with honours the Law examination and in 1884 was awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws.[1]

Political Career[edit]

Ghose became a member of the Indian National Congress and leaned towards the moderate wing. He had deep faith in progress but was opposed to radicalism in any form. He served as the President of the Congress for two terms (Surat, 1907 and Madras, 1908), succeeding Dadabhai Naoroji.

Ghose was a member of the Bengal Legislative Council (1891-94, 1906-09) and the Council of India. He was knighted in 1915.


Ghose's ability and contributions earned him a series of honours, such as the Tagore Law Professorship (1875-76) at Calcutta University and an honorary DL degree from Calcutta University (1884).

He made a fortune through his legal practice, but donated much of it by way of charity and endowments. In 1913, he established an endowment for scientific studies at Calcutta University with an initial capital of ten lakh rupees. He also donated thirteen lakh rupees to establish an educational institution at Jadavpur, which was later upgraded into the Jadavpur University.


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