Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

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Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
North American PlayStation 3 box art
Developer(s) Insomniac Games
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Composer(s) Boris Salchow
Series Ratchet & Clank
Engine Insomniac Engine v.4.0
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Release date(s) NA October 27, 2009[1]
AUS November 5, 2009[2]
EU November 6, 2009[3]
JP 20091119November 19, 2009
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Single-player

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (known as Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time in most PAL countries) is a 2009 platformer video game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. It is the sequel to Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty.[4] The game was released for the PlayStation 3 in North America on October 27, 2009,[1] in Australia on November 5, 2009[2] and in Europe on November 6, 2009.[3]

A fourth and final installment, titled Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, was released in November 2013 for the PlayStation 3.


A Crack in Time game features gameplay mechanics new to the Ratchet & Clank series. One such mechanic involves the Chronosceptor: A staff that repairs broken objects when you hit a broken object with it. This device may also be used like Ratchet's wrench, to fight off enemies.[5] By using special "time pads", Clank can also record up to a minute of his actions and then a holographic Clank replays them, while the real Clank does something else. Up to four copies of Clank can be recorded at a time. These holographic Clanks can help to solve puzzles.[6] In addition to gadgets like the Swingshot and Gravity Boots from previous games,[7] Ratchet has a pair of Hoverboots, allowing him to move more quickly around planets and moons.[8]

In a noticeable departure from all previous games in the series, Ratchet can now fly his ship freely between planets on a two-dimensional ecliptic in various zones,[9] going to small moons and completing optional challenges, earning special items such as Zoni, gold bolts, and weapon mods in the process.[8] The ship's blasters, missiles, and armor can also be upgraded by obtaining additional Zoni. The game also has new weapons known as Constructo Weapons. These fall into three main categories; shotgun, bomb, and pistol. Each weapon can be modified with additional features and altered in appearance to make a weapon unique to the player.


Continuing from the end of Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty, Clank has been abducted by the Zoni and is being held in suspended animation at an unknown location. Dr. Nefarious has been summoned by the Zoni to repair Clank but is more intent on discovering the means of accessing something called the 'Orvus Chamber', which the Zoni are determined to keep him out of. Deciding to end his "partnership" with the Zoni, Nefarious releases a hovering robot named the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler that causes the Zoni to flee and it damages the room. During the ensuing blackout, Clank reactivates and attempts to escape, but is caught by Nefarious and his butler Lawrence, who on Nefarious' order, immobilizes Clank with an electric orb. Nefarious comes up with a more convenient plan to get inside the Orvus chamber, and reassures Lawrence that "We have all the time in the Universe...".

Meanwhile in Ratchet's side of the story, he and Captain Qwark explore the Breegus System for information on Clank's whereabouts. Aphelion is shot down over Planet Quantos by a time anomaly and crash lands on the planet, Ratchet and Qwark survive the crash and are amazed to see anomalies around the crash site, they head out into the jungle to find out where they could be while running afoul of Zyphoids. It is not long before the two come across the natives of the planet, a race of goat-like creatures known as Fongoids. After Ratchet rescues three child fongoids from Zyphoids and brings them back to their mother, they all head to the village for safety and meet up with the chief Alpheus on the way. Once the Fongoids are back home in their walled village, Alpheus guides Ratchet and Qwark to a temple that houses a Zoni vessel, brought into Ratchet's dimension and entrusted to the Fongoids. After Ratchet retrieves it, he and Qwark find that the entire village is under attack by Nefarious' robots, led by the cyborg mercenary Lord Vorselon, who is working with Nefarious to help him take control of the Great Clock. He believes Ratchet is a rebel known as Azimuth which confuses Ratchet. After capturing Qwark and some Fongoids, Vorselon orders his forces to kill Ratchet and bring the rest of the villagers for questioning.

Ratchet, along with Alpheus protects as many Fongoids as he can from being abducted and uses a teleporter to return to Aphelion, the Zoni that Ratchet found in the village emerge out and repair the ship. He heads to space and sneaks into the warship to free Qwark and the captured Fongoids, Ratchet gets Qwark and the prisoners into an escape vessel, and he goes to make his own escape, but is confronted by Vorselon, still thinking the lombax is Azimuth. Ratchet beats him and heads to Aphelion to leave and is informed by Qwark that Azimuth is living on Torren IV within the Vela sector. once he is out of range of the warship, Ratchet prepares to warp to Vela.

Clank later wakes to find himself with a robot called Sigmund, who introduces himself as the Junior Caretaker of the Great Clock and had been helping Clank in his escape from Nefarious. Sigmund informs Clank that he fitted a Quantum Actuator into Clank's circuitry, allowing the small robot to create multiple selves. He explains this by demonstrating how to use time pads, by recording himself moving on a switch to open a door. Afterwards, the two head to a mnemonic station. Through its use that taps into his memory banks, Clank meets a computer simulation of the Zoni Leader Orvus, residing in a secure part of Clank's memory banks called his Subconscious, put there so that Orvus could teach Clank in becoming the Senior Caretaker. After obtaining a spetre know as the Chronospecter from a chamber. Clank goes through more time pad puzzles and comes face to face with the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler, still wreaking havoc at the Clock. Clank destroys the machine and as he and Sigmund head to an entrance leading somewhere, it is revealed that Lawrence is following and spying on the two, as part of Nefarious' plan. He sends a report to Nefarious at his space station. Lawrence tells Nefarious that Clank is heading to the Orvus Chamber.

Ratchet arrives in the Vela Sector and learns from Qwark that Azimuth resides in a decommissioned area in Torren IV. Once he arrives in the Molonoth Fields he is given directions on locating Volgram Pass, a place that Azimuth apparently lives in. Ratchet finds the Guardian and talks about Volgram pass, he is told that any outsiders have to find it themselves, Ratchet gets across and is lead to the Hollow where Volgram Pass lies beyond, however battery bots have come free from their sockets, halting the Vullards' operation and preventing access to Volgram Pass to anyone. Ratchet re-plugs the Battery Bots and continues to Volgram Pass.

Ratchet finally finds the rebel Azimuth, revealed to be a lombax. Azimuth sees Ratchet and mistakes him to be a holo-guised assassin sent by either Vorselon or Nefarious, he hurls a bomb towards Ratchet and flees by using the rails nearby. Ratchet pursues after the rebel but seems to lose him, however he gets attacked from behind by Azimuth and is thrown at a wall, Azimuth looks closely at Ratchet and realizes that Ratchet is the son of Kaden. (revealing the name of Ratchet's father to the player at last) he releases Ratchet from his own wrench's grip and introduces himself as General Alister Azimuth and finishes his statement by saying "And you, my dear boy, look just like your father."

General Azimuth explains his friendship with Kaden, that the Zoni are rumored to be the guardians of Time and Clank is possibly connected to their operation, Ratchet questions him why he did not leave when the rest of their kind did. Azimuth does not answer, just saying "Sometimes the Universe has a cruel sense of humor..." He gives Ratchet an old pair of hoverboots that Kaden used to own and teaches Ratchet how to use them. Soon after, General Azimuth tells Ratchet that they need to break into Pollyx Industries in Axiom city on planet Terachnos to locate an Obsidian Eye, a device used to speak with anyone on the Great Clock, so they can contact Clank.

After getting help from a Teracnoid named Jarvis in order to get into Pollyx Industries, a bio-scan sounds off the alarm and both lombaxes fight through dozen of troopers to reach the main office. Once there, Ratchet pushes the CEO and namesake Pollyx away so Azimuth can access the computer. He finds that an Obsidian Eye is somewhere in Krell Canyon but is not able to lock on any closer. A transmission with Nefarious comes on and comments on Ratchet being in Polaris to witness "My [his] greatest Triumph!", Ratchet questions the doctor on what he is planning, Nefarious answers by: "Part of me wants to let you [Ratchet] live long enough to find out, the other part...Really wants to kill you [Ratchet]. You know for old times sake! Decisions, Decisions, Decisions..." and ends the transmission. A giant machine referred as the VX-99 arrives in the city, sent after the lombaxes. They exit the office to battle it and are successful in destroying it. Following this, Azimuth says that they will head to planet Lumos in the Korthos sector where Krell Canyon is.

Vorselon reports to Nefarious about the VX-99's destruction. Nefarious is furious at Vorselon's incompetence and tells him if either Ratchet or Azimuth find the Clock, their plans for the Great Clock will be ruined, reminding Vorselon about his reason for joining forces with him in the first place, Vorselon's organic body was crushed and abandoned on Zaurik and will remained there way because of this. Nefarious announces that he will bring in specialists and lets three Valkyries leaders in. After introducing them, the doctor offers to bring back their colony (that had been destroy by a supernova) if they agree to be of service for him.

Back with Clank, he and Sigmund make their way to the orientation room and it is there they watch a video showing Orvus explaining about the Great Clock's creation, the Clock was created by him as a means of healing time-space damage caused by excessive misuse of time travel by the Fongoids back when they still lived on Torren IV. When the video is finished, Clank reenters his Subconscious and is taught how to fix time on planets and other bodies of space. After exiting the Subconscious, Clank begins to uses his specter to repair time anomalies on a few planets. As soon as he is done, Clank is curious on Orvus' strange absence and learns from spying on Sigmund that Orvus left for the Tombli Outpost on Planet Zanifar two years ago and never returned.

Ratchet arrives in Korthos but encounters the three Valkyrie leaders. Two of them, Cassiopeia (often called Cassy) and Carina, leave to kill General Azimuth while having the third captain Libra, along with a fleet of Valkyrie ship as assistance, to battle Ratchet. Ratchet beats the Valkyries makes his way to Lumos.

On Lumos, Ratchet meets up with General Azimuth, and they both search through a cavern to find the Obsidian Eye while avoiding Tetramites along the way. Ratchet keeps questioning Azimuth about what had happened with the Lombaxes, but Azimuth has no interest in elaborating about the subject, being more focused on finding the Eye instead. After the two hoverboot off a ledge, Ratchet asks him to stop for the time being so they can talk about what had happened on Fastoon, Azimuth is still not in the mood to do so, but Ratchet questions him about why he is not with their kind. General Azimuth yells at he had failed the lombaxes but his tone changes to an unhappy one and explains himself, he reveals that Percival Tachyon had approached the Lombaxes with advanced ideas on protecting the galaxy after it had become treacherous after the Great War, Kaden warned Azimuth not to trust the young cragmite and as the rest of the Lombaxes got more and more suspicious of him, Azimuth gave Tachyon, access to the Lombaxes' technology, however Tachyon used the inventions as a way to invade the planet with an army of Drophyds. They destroyed everything that they came into and killed hundreds of Lombaxes, including Ratchet's own mother. Azimuth believes he was responsible for Kaden's eventual murder by Tachyon. When the Lombaxes fled to another dimension, Azimuth was forbidden from being with his race as punishment for his crimes and had been living in exile ever since. Azimuth says to Ratchet that by using the Great Clock, they can stop the tragedy from happening. Filled with hope, Azimuth promises to Ratchet that he will have his parents back.

After leaving the cavern, Ratchet and the general see that an invasion of Agorians is taking place at a settlement belonging to vullards and fight off the Agorians. The battle involves Ratchet and Azimuth fighting against Agorian Riders, Hydra Tanks and a fleet of Agorian ships. Once the Agorians retreat, one of the vullard brings the two lombaxes to an entrance to another cavern and gives Ratchet an Omnisoaker to get past more tetramites.

The lombaxes find the Obsidian Eye and use it to speak with Clank. He is happy to see Ratchet again and vice versa, Ratchet says that Clank just needs to send his coordinates and he and the general will come get him, the interaction is interrupted when the Eye starts losing the signal. Without much time, Clank begs Ratchet to go to the planet Zanifar, and confront Nefarious. Azimuth points out that it had been two years since the doctor had been there, so Clank instructs the lombaxes to head to Zanifar and find a time portal. Ratchet is confused by Clank referring Orvus as his father, but the transmission is cut off. Clank asks Sigmund to synthesize a time portal on Zanifar, Sigmund attempts to do so and is successful. Ratchet and Azimuth then return to their ships.

After leaving Lumos, Azimuth warns Ratchet that if they manage to take control of the clock and stop Tachyon, the timeline as it is now will be not exist anymore, for example, Ratchet will not of met Clank. Azimuth says that the clock could offer some temporal immunity to its users, but no guarantees are possible. Ratchet, knowing it is his only chance to be with his parents again, agrees to Azimuth's plan. Azimuth then says that he picked up a signature belonging to Lord Vorselon, who is heading to their location, Azimuth proceeds to distract him and tells Ratchet to get to Zanifar and get the coordinates of the Great Clock from Orvus.

After this, Qwark contacts Ratchet. The lombax asks him how his mission with getting information about Nefarious from the Agorians is going, Qwark says that it is not so good because the Agorians had thought Qwark was a "Thrill seeking warrior with a thirst for battle", Ratchet asks if he told them that, Qwark says that he was only trying to make friends with them and as a result, the Agorians entered Qwark as an unwilling contestant in their battleplex tournament and begs Ratchet to get him out of it. Ratchet reluctantly agrees and tells Qwark to stay in a hiding place until he arrives.

Ratchet arrives at the battleplex and enters the tournament, completing the challenges with much ease. in the second to last challenge, the Agorians have Qwark join Ratchet in the fight. Afterwards the main event of the tournament begins and a violent War Grok is released, Qwark is terrified by the creature and avoids helping Ratchet in defeating it. Before Ratchet can kill the War Grok despite it being to much for him, Qwark gives a speech to the audience saying that the War Grok should not be killed and begs the Agorians to name something (like a school or food court) in his honor. After a brief silence, the Agorians applaud and cheer for Qwark with the announcer declaring Qwark as a true hero. Ratchet is sent flying across the arena and as he gets up, he sees Qwark petting the War Grok telling it that he will name it Snowball, much to Ratchet's disbelief. Qwark and his new pet leave the arena as Ratchet looks on. He is soon awarded the prize, a Negotiator.

Having saved Qwark, Ratchet leaves the battleplex and gets contacted by Qwark (referring himself as "Mega Hero" as he explains "The guys believe it's time I graduated from Super."), he says that he was informed by an Agorian about a secret entrance into Nefarious' station and that he will investigate this as well as saying he has a plan. Azimuth contacts Ratchet again, saying that Vorselon is making a sweep of the entire sector and tells Ratchet to keep heading to Zanifar while he leads the Nefarious scouts as far away as possible.

Ratchet reaches Zanifar and finds several Fongoids trapped in a detainment camp, one of them explains that Nefarious had tricked them into building the Tombli Outpost and when they were done, Nefarious had his troop herd the fongoids into the camp and begs Ratchet to free them. Ratchet makes his way to the guard tower and shuts down the containment field with most of the Fongoids make their escape during this opportunity. He goes into the time portal and out of it a few times while creating a few paradoxes and freeing more fongoids in the process. Ratchet then finds Nefarious in the past interrogating Orvus who appears to be weakened, after Orvus warns Nefarious that the Great Clock is not a time machine Nefarious has the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler attack Orvus who says to Nefarious that there is only one person who will enter the Orvus Chamber and that he is safe, far from Nefarious and disappears much to Nefarious' dismay. Pollyx puts up a residual image from Orvus' databanks showing a diagram of Clank which surprises Ratchet, this alerts Nefarious but gets hit by what appears to be a time bomb damaging the doctor's right eye. Ratchet evades attacks from Nefarious' robot and travels back to the present day.

At his space station, Nefarious is spending time with Cassiopeia, talking to her about Clank when he was imprisoned in one of the mnemonic chambers. As the Valkyries flits with him, Nefarious recalls the assault by Ratchet, realizing that Ratchet caused a paradox and immediately gets a scar across his right eye. Furious, Nefarious yells out Ratchet's name.

Ratchet returns to his ship but before he can take off, Lord Vorselon contacts him, the Terraklon had captured General Azimuth and says that if Ratchet is to take the elder's place then the execution will be postponed and sends the coordinates to Ratchet.

Ratchet goes to Vorselon's ship and goes through waves of Nefarious troopers and then Vorselon for a second time. Ratchet finds the area where General Azimuth is imprisoned in. He shuts down the generators to freeing the general, however Azimuth is not pleased at Ratchet for coming back to him rather than going to the Clock like he advised him to. As the elder walks away annoyed, Ratchet says that he had managed to see what became of Orvus but was not successful in stopping Nefarious. Azimuth hears this and asks Ratchet how far he went, Ratchet answers not far enough, General Azimuth walks over to Ratchet and says that they are the only ones who can fix the past and is proud of Ratchet. The alarm goes off and the lombaxes make their getaway out of the ship.

When Ratchet is clear from the warship, Azimuth tells Ratchet that while trying to encrypt Vorselon's flight data, he found a file with coordinates to the Bernelius sector. With no other option to go, Ratchet says that it is their only lead and warps to the sector.

Clank meanwhile at the Great Clock, enters the mnemonic station Iota and meets the Plumber who had somehow entered Clank's memory banks, thinking he was in Qwark's mind. After pulling out a figment of Ratchet's omniwrench from a pipe, the Plumber asks if Ratchet had fallen out with Clank, he explains that they are still friends but he has new responsibilities at the Clock. The Plumber helps Clank up to the top of the pipe and encourages him to go through it, then says "I wouldn't risk anymore than six minutes." and pushes Clank down the pipe. Clank exits the mnemonic station and arrives at the door leading to the Orvus Chamber. Once inside, Sigmund plays a message from Orvus for Clank, but before the message finishes, Lawrence pulls the plug, catching the attention of Clank and Sigmund. Before either can do anything, Lawrence, for a second time immobilizes Clank with another one of his orbs.

Lawrence contacts Nefarious about the success of his plan, delighted, Nefarious orders Lawrence to notify the Valkyries to prepare for Unnecessarily Evil Initiative Omega-91. Nefarious then hears Qwark's voice (sounding like a lady) asking if Nefarious is ready for a massage, but Nefarious says he did not send for a massage and tells Qwark to go. Qwark nearly blows his cover but quickly asks to be let in, the door opens and Qwark is shown dressed as a nurse. Nefarious' right eye droops but he says nothing.

Ratchet arrives in Bernelius and receives a looping signal that Azimuth found, after hearing it, Ratchet says that it is a distress signal that has Clank's signature on it. Aphelion tracks the source to be from planet Vapedia, and Azimuth says that he will meet Ratchet on Vapedia. As Ratchet flies to the planet, the Valkyrie captain Carina, participating in Unnecessarily Evil Initiative Omega-91, stands in his way, Carina battles Ratchet along with a fleet of Valkyrie ship but is defeated. Aphelion tells Ratchet that Clank's call has been weakened and Ratchet continues to Vapedia.

On Vapedia, Clank and Azimuth fight their way past Valkyrie units and arrive at the citadel. Cassiopeia, orders her units to destroy the Lombaxes while she goes to kill Clank herself. Azimuth goes after the Valkyrie leader, leaving Ratchet behind to fight waves of Valkyrie warriors. Ratchet goes through a different route from Azimuth which happens to be the Valkyrie Training Course, Ratchet beats the death traps Cassiopeia set up and eventually confronts her. Cassy reveals an unconscious Clank, shocking Ratchet. Cassy tells the hero that she has done nothing compared to what she intends to do to Ratchet. However Ratchet defeats the Valkyrie and her malfunctioning hovercraft crashes into Clank's container, smashing it and freeing Clank. Ratchet dives after Clank and wakes him up, then hoverboots the both of them to safety.

Ratchet and Clank finally talk to each other properly for the first time in years and Ratchet apologies to Clank for not saving Orvus in time. Clank is cool about this and says that keeping the Clock safe from Nefarious is more important now. Clank reveals to General Azimuth that time is unable to be changed and that using the Great Clock improperly would rip the very fabric of existence as the Clock not capable of shifting time. This does not convince Azimuth but Ratchet makes his decision to not use the Clock, even though Azimuth tries to talk him into using it again. Azimuth leaves Ratchet and Clank by taking off in his ship.

Ratchet and Clank leave Vapedia and fly towards Nefarious' station, along the way, Qwark contacts them and is surprised to hear Clank's voice although Ratchet does not have time to explain why Clank is back with him and tells Qwark that they all need to stop Nefarious from getting to the Clock, Qwark says that he is already prepared and Clank tells him that they will meet him outside the station.

At the Station. Ratchet and Clank find Qwark in his nurse outfit waiting for them on an asteroid, upon seeing Clank, Qwark hugs him in joy and makes comments about Ratchet being a terrible sidekick, which seems to annoy Ratchet. After Qwark's plan is explained, they infiltrate the station and make their way to an air vent. Clank uses a gigamite holo-ray to scan Nefarious in his office and creates a hologuise for Ratchet, however Qwark seemed to forget to tune the Auto-scaler. They all take an elevator to the control room and despite Ratchet's hologuise making him look smaller, it fools the troopers and Teracnoids including Pollyx, who allows Ratchet to use the Hypernova Defense Laser to clear asteroids away from the station, and after Lawrence calls in Nefarious' fleet, Ratchet uses the laser to destroy them. The destruction of the fleet sounds off the alarm and troopers start attack Ratchet and Qwark who defeat them and make a run for the elevator.

After the elevator comes to a stop, the group is confronted by the real Nefarious, Qwark, attempting to not blow his cover again, hits Ratchet, turning off his hologuise. Ratchet says that Nefarious cannot use the Clock, doing so is not worth risking the whole universe. Nefarious reveals the three about how he and Lawrence finally got off the asteroid they had been stuck on for years and the doctor finding out about the Great Clock, Nefarious reveals that he plans to undo of the failures he made along with every other villain and create a new present where the heroes always lose. He orders his guards to capture the two heroes and Qwark. Qwark attempts to use a smoke bomb to escape from Nefarious with Ratchet and Clank in tow, but the bomb is ineffective, much to the disappointment of Qwark. Ratchet and Clank are tied to an asteroid and Qwark is handcuffed, Ratchet warns Nefarious that he is making a mistake about using the Clock, but is ignored by the doctor who is about to launch them into space although the villain freezes as he nearly presses the launch button, his hand gets moved to press it by a nearby trooper.

Many hour later, Ratchet awakens on planet Morklon and Clank tells him that they were protected during the impact of their crash by the Zoni that Ratchet had kept with him, Clank appears to be unimpressed with Ratchet for capturing them but Ratchet reassures the robot that he will return them to the Clock. As they make their way through the swamp to try and find a ship that can bring them to the clock, they meet a fungoid male who mistakenly thinks they are here to listen to the story about the Battle Of Gimlick Valley, a fungoid chief named Zahn Gribnak led a badly trained and almost unequipped team of warriors to combat an invasion of Agorians and the leader Commander Argos, the chief and his team were captured, temporally pardoned, imprisoned again and killed. After Gribnak's death, the rest of the fongoids were left with no defense and Argos destroyed a floodgate turning the valet into what it is now. Clank sees this as way to get a ship and contacts Sigmund, requesting another time portal into the battle. Ratchet and Clank arrive to see the battle already taking place, Ratchet frees Zahn Gribnak and his men, who then help Ratchet in fighting two Hydra Tanks. After Clank hears that Argos is about to destroy the floodgate, Ratchet plants vine seeds and rides on them to get onto the floodgate. He defeats the commander who drowns in his ship. Having won the battle for the fungoid, Ratchet and Clank are asked if the fungoid can do anything for them and Ratchet asks for Argos' ship. Ratchet and Clank return to the present, and see statues of them in their honor. Clank asks the same fungoid they met when they landed on the planet if they can use Argos' restored ship, the fungoid says that the ship needs battery bots to recharge it first. After this is done Ratchet and Clank return to the space station.

While Qwark, who had somehow escaped from Nefarious clutches and the War Grok Snowball fight off the troopers, Ratchet and Clank confront Nefarious again, Lawrence has returned to the station to pick Nefarious. Upon hearing Clank ordering him to surrender, Nefarious makes negative comments on Clank's decision to remain with Ratchet instead of staying at the Clock since it is his destiny. Ratchet is angered deeply by the insults towards Clank and tells him that he will always back up any final decisions he makes and suggest they "Kick this guy's butt", Clank nods in approval. Nefarious battles the two and the fight brings them all to Lawrence's starship. Ratchet defeats Nefarious who suffers an intense head freeze that effects his movement. since the ship is close to colliding with the station, Lawrence takes an escape pod leaving his boss and the heroes behind. General Azimuth shows up and has Ratchet jump off the ship and onto his. The lombaxes and Clank head to the Great Clock while the starship hits the station causing an explosion.

At the Clock, Clank prepares to resume his duties. Ratchet asks if he cannot talk the robot of it, Clank says that although they had been on many adventures, the Clock needs him to keep it safe, this purpose was what Clank was build for. As Clank tries to handshake with Ratchet as a goodbye, Ratchet grabs him for a hug. Azimuth then asks about the Lombaxes, Ratchet tells him that they are not in any danger but have moved on, Ratchet is sure that they will find their race eventually, but the past should stay where it is. He then starts to walk Clank into the Orvus chamber. Alister Azimuth is appalled by Ratchet's refusal to help him, shouting after him that their kind needs them. When Ratchet does need respond, Alister zaps Ratchet fatally with a blast from his own wrench. Clank is shocked by the attack and runs to the chamber, sealing himself in it in time. As he look at the control switch placed in the room, Clank recalls words from others including the Plumber mentioning about not risking more than six minutes and figures out that he was talking about the flow of time. Clank pushes the lever creating a time shift that reverses time for six minutes just before Ratchet was electrocuted to death, Clank knocks Ratchet aside from the blast, saving him.

Azimuth gets on the rails to enter the Orvus chamber while Ratchet follows after him desperately, Azimuth is about to touch the lever when Sigmund pulls him away, Azimuth uses his wrench to electrocute Sigmund, causing him to react and let go. Azimuth grabs the switch, creating a time shift just as Ratchet shows up inside the room, both lombaxes clash as the Great Clock starts to fall apart due to it not able to handle such a massive shift. Despite the general being more experienced in fighting, he loses to Ratchet. As he drops to the floor in defeat, Ratchet tries to move the lever back in place but it breaks. Azimuth realizes that the shift is not working with Ratchet saying to him that the Clock is not meant to alter time and only keep it. Knowing his mistake, Alister Azimuth uses his wrench to move the broken lever back into place, ending the shift but sacrificing himself as well. Ratchet walks up to Alister's now lifeless body and picks up his pocket watch, now the reminder of him.

Ratchet releases the Zoni back into the Great Clock, and re-plugs the recording of Orvus. As he makes his leaves, Ratchet says to Clank "Take care of yourself pal." and heads out of the chamber. Clank, plays the message from Orvus but pauses it, deciding that he is unable to stay. Discovering Orvus has made Clank realize he could not leave Ratchet until he finds his own. After promoting Sigmund to senior caretaker, Clank makes a run back to Ratchet as Sigmund plays the rest of the recorded message. Jumping into the seat next to Ratchet before he leaves, both smile happily at each as Aphelion takes off into the stars.

After the credits,it is shown that Qwark survived the explosion of Nefarious' space station. Qwark tries to call out for assistance but realizes that Snowball is hungry and it chases him around the asteroid while he tries to call out for help.


The title and logo of the game, along with a trailer were revealed at the 2009 Game Developers Conference.[10][11]


Version 1.20[edit]

On Wednesday, December 2, 2009, Version 1.20 update was released. This patch addresses bugs and issues concerning game-play and trophy collection.[12]

  1. Valkyrie battle crash bug: The problem seems to be that the player is getting shot and dying at the moment the boss is defeated, or while the Valkyrie ship is still blowing up. This is causing the freeze. Most people are able to replay the fight and get through this hang-up after a few tries, but if the player still can't pass it there is a patch to fix this problem.
  2. Challenge Mode save bug: This bug occurs if the player backs out of the auto-save which appears when initiating Challenge Mode. It can happen one of two ways:
    • The player selects "Go back in time…" instead of "Enter Challenge Mode" after beating the game. If the player goes back in time, and then selects Challenge Mode from the pause menu, a Save game screen will pop up. If the player backs out of this screen by pressing the Circle Button before the save completes, the save file will be corrupted. The player will launch into Challenge Mode, but will find certain doors or paths won’t open, leaving them stuck.
    • The player selects "Enter Challenge Mode" after the credits and backs out of the auto-save by pressing the Circle Button before it completes.
    • There were plans for a patch that will prevent this from happening to future users. For folks that have already hit the bug, instructions are available on how to restart your Challenge mode playthrough.
  3. Good Samaritan Trophy bug: If the player acquires the RYNO V from the Smuggler before finishing all of the Smuggler side-missions, the Smuggler will sometimes disappear, making it impossible to finish his quests. The patch will auto-complete any quests the player missed once you equip the RYNO V – unlocking the trophy.
    • This is not to be confused with the Good Samaritan Skill Point which is unlocked by finishing all of the Space Quests in the Korthos sector.


In March 2009, the PlayStation Blog later announced that a design contest for a weapon would be run until April 10, with the winning design being featured as a usable weapon in the game, as well as a real-life replica being made for the winner and a trip to Comic-Con for the weapon's unveiling to the public.[13] The winning design was the "Spiral Of Death", a weapon that shoots glowing sawblades that after a certain range, return to the user, somewhat like a yo-yo.

In July 2009, Sony announced that players who pre-ordered the game from selected retailers in North America would be able to unlock one of four additional in-game content packs. It was confirmed however, that the package will simply unlock the items earlier in the game—the player can still earn these items while playing.[14] A collector's edition of the game was released in the UK, featuring a 3D-cover, artwork book, and a voucher for use on the PlayStation Network which unlocks the Insomniac Moon, an ingame area which showcased content cut from the game.[15]

A Ratchet & Clank-themed game space was released for PlayStation Home, the PlayStation 3's online community-based service. The "Ratchet & Clank: Time Travelers" space has several casual mini-games, like the Firing Range (past, present, and future) that have rewards like a model of Ratchet's ship for the users personal spaces. Users can also purchase a costume of Ratchet and a Clank back pack from the space's shop. In addition to the game space, there is a themed apartment, the "Ratchet & Clank: Home Sweet Home", that users can purchase. Both the game space and apartment were released on October 15, 2009 in the European and North American versions of Home.[16] Both the Game Space and apartment were released to the Asian and Japanese version on November 19, 2009.

Ratchet & Clank-themed action figures were released in January 2010.[17]


David Bergeaud did not return to score the music for the game but was replaced by Boris Salchow who, according to Hookedgamers.com delivered the most "film-like" score for the series to date and that his work added a great sense of emotion to the story.[citation needed]


On July 10, 2013, a fourth installment has been announced. Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus was released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on November 12, 2013.[18] This is an epilogue to the Future sub-series.


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 87.88%[19]
Metacritic 87/100[20]
Review scores
Publication Score
1UP.com A[21]
CVG 8.0/10[5]
Eurogamer 7/10[8]
G4 5/5[22]
Game Informer 9.25/10[7]
GamePro 4.5/5 stars[23]
GameSpot 8.5/10[24]
GameSpy 4.5/5 stars[25]
GameTrailers 8.9/10[26]
IGN 9/10[9]
PSM3 90/100[20]
Giant Bomb 5/5 stars[27]
Play 9.5/10[28]

A Crack in Time has received highly positive reviews. IGN's Ryan Clements called it "One of the best Ratchet games ever made" and also noted that it plays like the other Ratchet installments and that players who are not yet tired of the series formula will enjoy it.[9] Eurogamer scored the game 7/10 criticizing the game's lack of innovation and describing it as "more of the same".[8] Reviewer Ellie Gibson did however praise the game as a "quality platformer" commenting specifically on its "superb combat system, decent puzzles, fun weapons, pretty visuals and [...] variation".[8] GameTrailers said that "If A Crack in Time is indeed the final Ratchet & Clank game, then the series has been finished the right way".[26] PSM3 scored the game 90/100 calling it as "Massive, rewarding, funny - all you'd expect, plus some cute new twists".[20]

GamePro reviewer Will Herring felt that the game's camera angles were problematic at times, a statement echoed by Joe Rybicki of GameSpy,[25] but praised its new innovations, calling the hoverboots one of the game's "most enjoyable additions [to the series]".[23] Rybicki found the game's weapon selection "lackluster", especially early in the game, while praising some of the time-based Clank levels.[25] Dan Ryckert, of Game Informer, said that "the Clank sections are the best puzzles seen in the series to date".[7]

GameDaily's Robert Workman found that the game's audio was "superb".[29]

A Crack in Time was nominated for the "Outstanding Achievement in Animation", "Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering", "Outstanding Achievement in Original Story", and "Adventure Game of the Year" Interactive Achievement Awards from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.[30]


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