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Rajput clan: Rathore
Vansh Suryavanshi
Descended from: Kannauj (Gahadvala)
Ruled in Kannauj, Marwar, Jangladesh, Malwa
Princely states: Marwar (1226–1949)
Bikaner (1488–1949)

Kishangarh (1611–1949)
Idar (1728–1949)
Ratlam (1651–1949)
Sitamau (1701–1949)
Sailana (1730–1949)
Kotra (1350–1755)
Alirajpur (1701–1949)
Poonch (1596–1798)
Amritpur (1857– ?) [clarification needed]

In the northern part of India, the Rathore (or Rathor or Rathur or Rathod or Rathour) is a Rajput clan claiming descent from the mythical Indian Solar dynasty. They have traditionally ruled the Marwar region of Rajasthan in northwestern India.[1][2]

Notable people[edit]


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